Lipo 6 Burnout

About 7 months ago I cut while taking lipo6 starting at about 200mg caffiene a day (1 serving) for about 2 weeks and then increased to about 400mg a day for another 2 weeks. Also, at the time I had been taking no-xplode for the past few months and would continue to take it for another 2-3 months after my cut.

Now I’m cutting again and found I can’t feel the effects of the caffiene at all. I have been able to take 100mg and then go right to bed. I havn’t used any other stimulants since I stopped no-xplode except for the occasional cup of coffee.

Does anyone know how I can get my tolerance levels lower?

Just a note: I’ve taken other fat-burners as well not just Lipo6. I think it has to do with caffine burnout not the specific product.

you just have to stop having caffeine top get the Feel back plain and simple