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Lipitors, Anti-inflammatories, Fish Oil, Angina . . .

Hi! If you can remember, I started a thread about my father’s angina condition a few weeks ago. He recently returned to see his doctor and was told that his cholesterol levels were fine (I cant remember the exact number the total cholesterol and the HDL:LDL ratio were fine). The doctor gave him several tablets to take including a lipitor, which I found strange as Cy Wilson has written an article about how lipitors can be used to lower cholesterol, but my dad’s cholesterol is fine! I then read about some alarming side effects from lipitors, mainll from threads in 2002 and more recently by ‘Strongman’. These included muscle loss, headaches, liver damage etc… A few people were actively encouraging readers to stop taking lipitors. I then read a statement by TC saying that lipitors have been shown to have similar anti - inflammatory effects to fish oils and so there would be a benefit for somebody with a heart condition. Do you have an opinion on Lipitors?

On a similar note, how much fish oil would you recommend my father takes? He currently takes 1 EPA/DHA capsule (300mg) per day and he is concerned that I take 9!

Finally I’ve read that an increase in T-levels can be beneficial in helping blood flow. I’ve also read in “The alternative pharmacist” by Doug K. (I cant remember the surname sorry) that a substance in Tribulus called protodioscin can be beneficial for angina. Any thoughts on me getting my dad to try TRIBEX?

Thank you for your time, my father and I would really appreciate any feedback

Sorry to hear about your father’s condition. I had the same problem as he.

The new philosophy of cholesterol levels seems to be to get the total cholesterol numbers closer to 100. When I was in the hospital, my numbers for total C came back consistently around 180. The Doctor put mre on Lipitor to get my total closer to 100. My hdl/ldl ratios were fine.

Lipitor is a drug with a potentially high health cost (read the replies to the thread entitled “heart issue”)Your father needs to use it with caution or find another way to lower cholesterol with diet and excercise. I have been getting so much advice to get off of Lipitor that I will find another way.

Good luck to your father. Remember, he got a wake up call. Stay on him to make healthy changes, whatever those may be.


Do not ever get your total cholestrol to that low. That is dangerous. 180 is perfectly fine. I can’t believe all this misinformation that your doctor is spewing out. Statin drugs are not safe. it’s nothing more than marketing scam to rip consumers off by spewing out misleading information. I would not WORRY about the total cholesterol count. Worry more about HDL/LDL ratio. HDL should be at least 25% of total cholesterol, regardless of how high it is. It is almost totally useless indicator for heart disease. Worry more about Lp(a), homocyteine, your fasting insulin and a couple others but I don’t have the infomation with me as I’m not at home with my regular computer. You need to focus on your health without resorting to drugs that treat symptoms only. Diet is the biggest factor. Completely cut out ALL refined sugars and grains of the diet. Stay away from from refined oils including canola, vegetable oil, soybean oil, and corn oil. Stay away from margarine as well. Use butter instead. Use coconut oil to cook food. Eat plently of vegetables. Go nuts on steak and eggs. No big deal. You might want to invest in high quality multi vitamin like LEF, SuperNutrition and a couple others. Most are crap so you get what you pay for. My favorite is Supernutrition Opti Pak. Fish oil is much better alternative. It works like aspirin but much more effective and safe. Stay away from drugs that will NOT FIX the problem! They merely mask the problem while keeping the disease alive which means more profits for the doctors and drug companies! This was aleady talked about many times. Do more searches.

Tungsten is right.

Your biggest challenge is getting your Dad to buy-in on living the T-Dawg diet…with both lifting and cardio.

I took my father off of Statin drugs. They were causing him muscle pain, and heaven only knows what the statins do to the liver.

He needs to exercise which will help with natural anti-inflamatory reactions with in the body.

I take 5 to 6 grams of Fish Oil per day. Been doing it for quite a while. Try to get him to take Fish Oil. If he won’t he can at least eat fish twice per week.

The following is a site which deals a serious blow to the drug funded studies that state a person’s cholesterol needs to be lowered with medication. While the following is a bit controversial, I have more faith in it than I do any drug company study that states that most of America needs to be on a Statin drug.

Good Luck,

Ok tungsten, take a deep breath…

I’ve read every article/post on the site that mentions lipitors, angina, heart etc… I know that the side effects of lipitors have been discussed plenty of times! However the ant-inflammatory properties haven’t been discussed in much detail. Neither has the issue of whether the benefits outweigh the side effects. Cy Wilson wrote a section in support of lipitors.

I also mentioned other things that haven’t been mentioned before…

Breakdown, my father is prescribed statins too ( Simvastatin ). I wasn’t happy about it because his cholesterol was only marginally high and bringing his cholesterol back into what is considered a ‘normal range’ would have been easy with diet alone.

Anyway, this website should help with regards to side effects of statins http://medicine.ucsd.edu/SES/adverse_effects.htm

With regards to the fish oil…is your father on any blood thinning medication?


Okay. Took a deep breath and i feel a bit better. To tell you the truth, I don’t give a shit about what Cy tells us sometimes. I didn’t agree with him on several issues. I would still stay away from statin drugs. It’s not worth it. Maybe for emergency cases but long term? No way. 90% of health problems are easily solved by simply eating healthy. The sad truth about drugs is that they do not fix the problems, just mainly mask the syptoms while keeping the disease “alive”. I don’t like it the way they prey on sick people like that for profits. if I had partial blocked artery, I wouldn’t go for bypass surgery, I’d go with Linus Pauling’s therapy. If I had gallstones, I wouldn’t have the doctor take the whole freakin gallbladder out. A very simple flush would do it. It cost only 15 bucks complared to thousands for gallbladder removal. See what I’m getting at? I’m sick of all these bullshit in this country. Nothing but lies and misleading informations from doctors and pharm companies.

You intrigued me when you mentioned Linus Pauling’s treatment for blocked arteries, and also a gallstone flush. What is involved in these processes, and is the gallstone flush something simple to do, or is it a specialized medical procedure. I would like to flush my system out. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel polluted, and suffer from mini-flu’s, lasting about 24-48 hours. I’ve had numerous blood tests done, only to confirm that I have normal blood values. I am sick of feeling sick and would appreciate any more feedback you could provide. Thanks, -The Starkdog