Lipase for fat loss?

If protease can have an effect on DOMS, then would it be at all possible for lipase to effect fat loss?


Usually things that end in “ase” are enzymes. Protease is a protein digesting enzyme. Likewise, lipase is a fat digesting enzyme. Are you sure you’re asking the right question?

Yes, I’m sure.

I was reading how the protein digesting enzyme protease can help reduce DOMS.

If a digestive enzyme could have an effect on muscle soreness, I was wondering if a fat digesting enzyme could have any effect on fat tissue.

Does this phrasing help make myself clear?


Enzymes are extremely specific to their function. I’m baffled at how a protein digesting enzyme would have an effect on DOMS other than breaking down the proteins into amino acids wherein they can be supplied to the contractile cells for synthesis. Could you provide the study for this? Technically lipase would have an effect on lipid storage and lipid breakdown, but this would be dependent upon what kind of lipid you ingested. So, yes, lipase is a factor in this. Everyone has lipase though (we’d die if we didn’t), so I’m not quite sure why you’re asking this question.

2) Proteases (digestive enzymes) like trypsin, bromelain, papain, and amylase decrease DOMS. (Abstract #1100, Miller et al)

In this study, subjects were given 325mg of pancreatic enzymes, 75mg trypsin, 50mg papain, 50mg bromelain, 10mg amylase, 10mg lipase, and 10my lysozyme or 1000mg of acetaminophen four times per day for four days. During this time, subjects ran at a 10% downhill grade for 30 minutes. With the protease supplementation, it appeared that muscle soreness was less severe when compared to the acetaminophen treatment, indicating that protease supplementation may have anti-inflammatory effects.

I really have no clue. That’s why I’m asking :wink: I’m just curious if lipase would have any effect at all, postive, negative, or neutral.

There have been a number of posts on proteolytic enzymes for inflammation. Here is one small study which looked at cytolyse (one company’s product) and an antioxidant and DOMS:

Here is more information on cytolyse:

I have used cytolyse in patients with inflammation from gout, inflammation from fractures, and in many patients who had just had surgery, and it works very well in helping to reduce inflammation. Contrary to conventional wisedom, when taken on an empty stomach, the enzyme is absorbed intact across the GI tract mucosa and works in the area of inflammation supposedly by “breaking up waste protein.” The company that makes it (infinity) is alas a typical MLM company, but the stuff works and works well. There are a number of similar products on the market including one which is popular in europe called wube mugos.

Infinity does make a product (Lipo-chromizyme) containing chromium and lipase which they tout for weight loss. The info is here:

I have no experience with this and am skeptical (although I can say from personal experience that in addition to cytolyse, infinity has digestive enzymes better then most, and a good flora product).

Too many confounding variables that could be present in that study to make it believable. If the study is reproduced many times in the future with a wider variety of population (including well trained athletes) and the same conclusions are reached, then perhaps it would be beneficial to study it more in depth. Until then, I would call quack on this.