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Lions in South Africa 2009


I appreciate that this is mainly a US site so not sure how much rugby is followed but for those that don't know the Lions (a rugby team made up of British and Irish rugby players) are touring South Africa this summer for the first time since 1997.

Personally I can't wait to see how the tour pans out, though I think the team has a massive task in beating the Saffa's, I think that if they can win the first test they might be able to sneak another test win to secure the series. Losing Flannery is a big blow but Crofts inclusion could be a blessing in disguise. Just starting this thread for a bit of banter and debate really...


I haven't been following my SA team for a while now, it will be interesting to see how the tour pans out.

It depends on how the SA teams stands at present, what's happened with players, how many people have been taking out because of affirmative action...


I don't hold out much hope for the Lions chances to be honest. I do think havin Geechs in charge again will be a very good thing. he seems to properly understand the lions ethos and he will bring them back to the basics. the nz was ridiculously regimented with all the formal functions and spin doctors and stuff.

i think on a tour like this you need to get the work/fun balance right if you want the squad to properly bond. i agree croft will give them something quinlan couldn't but all these english pundits absolutely creamin in their pants about him is a bit overkill.


Tomas O Leary out with an ankle injury
Alan Quinlan suspended(can't argue with that really)
And now Jerry Flannery out with a chipped elbow

The Irish players really aren't having much luck on this tour and it hasn't even started yet...


Better hope that that Irish luck changes as the Lions need Dricco and O'Connell (along with all the other Irish boys) firing on all cylinders if there is going to be any chance of an upset, as I imagine that a large portion of the test side will be Irish.

In all honesty, as you inferred, there wasn't much unlucky with the Quinlan suspension which was pure stupidity on his part. Whilst I feel sorry for the man, gouging has no place in rugby football.


Is that Andrew Sheridan in your avatar?

Guy is an absolute freak of genetics.


It looks like Sheridan to me.

I feel for Quinlan, as its his last chance to be a Lion, but as you said, gouging has no place in the game.

What do you think of Cipriani being first reserve at 10, but not being in the England squad? I've got tickets for England vs Baa Baa's next Saturday! Anyone else going?


Being a thoroughbred Munster fan, I think Quinlan is a fantastic player. But it's also a well-known fact that he can be one hell of a dirty player.
I do feel sorry for him as he's played great for so long and this was his last chance to be on the Lion's but that shit couldn't go unpunished.

I think it's the same thing as Keith Earls getting selected despite not making the Irish squad for the 6-Nations.
While most of the attention for the last few months has been on the 6-Nations and Heineken Cup, players like Cipriani and Earls were playing fantastically in the Magners league and Premiership(I don't get to see many premiership games tbh, though)


some of us Yanks follow.
One of my favorite websites - http://www.rugbydump.com/


I expected to see a video or two of some fucking lions. Way to disappoint me.