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Lion vs Hyena


Sorry if this is a repost. Great to watch before you work out. Or screw. Or play sports. Or most anything...


It is a repost but last time it didn't have that obnoxious music.

I saw a show that aired the whole seen where the lion ran down the hyena. The female hyena had just taken control of her pack. She was feeling a little too full of herself and was following the lion around marking over his marks. He finally said 'enough of this shit', ran her down, snapped her neck and walked away. Didn't even pay the respect of eating her.




something tells me Brother Chris is biased...



Thinks he ^^^ is biased.


^^ Stole my shine.


I don't get it, are you calling Maja Ivarrson an elephant? HOW DARE YOU!!!


I hate Hyenas.


lol. disregard my last post in that case.


Isn't Hyena the training partner of Acuma, and annoying noob on these forums?
In that case, it's fitting.





Poor Wildebeasts, they're like the cheeseburger of the Serengeti


Hyenas are the Beavis and Butthead of the animal world.

No matter what awfulness they go through, they're always laughing about it.