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Links to Velocity Diet Info?

Hey guys, I am fairly new to the forum and the ‘search’ function isn’t working all that well for me.

I’m looking for an extreme diet (like the velocity diet) to do during the next 30 days.

If anyone could provide a link to the page that explains the diet and the products I will need.

Currently I weigh 247lbs and am 5’11

Supplements i’m taking
Vitasport NOC (Nitric Oxide Complex)
GL6 (Advanced Glutamine Complex)
Nu-Tek Pro5 Protien Powder
N.O. Xplode

Basic layout for the supplments

Morning - Protien Shake
Afternoon workout - N.O. Xplode + 3 NOC pills
Post-work out - Protien Shake + Glutamine
Bed time - Protien Shake + Glutamine + 3 NOC pills

I do mostly upperbody weight lifting, I realize when I start this diet I will be doing much more cardio+balance

Any and all help would be appreciate,


Velocity Diet

Chris Shugart wrote:

20 Minutes

I’m very busy, but let’s say I carve out 20 minutes to answer PMs, emails, and questions on the forum. Most of the questions I get these days are Velocity Diet related.

Now, some of the questions are from Biotest customers who bought the required supplements such as Metabolic Drive. Some are from people who disregarded the V-Diet’s guidelines and bought low quality crap from someone else, a competitor perhaps.

Now, the first group is basically paying me. They’re customers of Biotest, the company I proudly work for. The other group isn’t paying me or Biotest a thing, but they’re demanding I give them customer service… customer service on the site Biotest pays for no less.

I have 20 minutes to field questions. Whose questions should I answer? Which group of people should I help?

You guessed it. [/quote]

Something to keep in mind.

Check out all the V-Diet journals in the Beginners, Supplements and Nutrition and Bodybuilding forums.

Alright, seeing how the diet is supplement specific (good business scheme I guess).

I noticed the link above is for women, honestly I don’t know all that much about the supplements involved, I just really want to do this diet.

Could anybody possibly make me a list of all the things I need.

How to calculate correct calorie intake
(10.2 x WEIGHT + 879) x .50 = Minimum - 1700 (weight 247lbs)
(10.2 x WEIGHT + 879) x .60 = Maximum - 2030 (weight 247lbs)

Here is my measurements
Using a fabric tape, measure:

  • Belly - 46.5 inches
  • Hips - 45 inches
  • Upper leg - 30 inches
  • Lower leg - 16.5 inches
  • Ankle - 9 inches
  • Chest - 44 inches upper, 43 inches lower
  • Shoulders - 50 inches
  • Upper arm - 16.5 inches
  • Neck - 16 inches

Also, I know it’s against the maker of the diet and such, but i’ve become fond of my Protien drink Nu Tek Pro5 Protien. Also would taking the Glutamine post workout and before bed still be necessary or does one of the other supplements in the diet replace the glutamine?

Also another question I had, is there such thing as ‘too’ much protien? if I calculated my protient intake correctly, i’ll be around 300.

Anyhelp help would be appreciated,

On this diet you’re supposed to take 1g of protein a day for every pound you weigh. So you need 12 scoops of Metabolic Drive(I recommend using Biotest’s products, it makes it a lot easier) 12x20g protein per scoop = 240g a day. Make 6 shakes with 2 scoops Metabolic Drive in each along with your flax, supps, and pb. PM me if you have any more questions I’ll help you out if you want.

By the way I’m finishing Day7.