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Links in Threads Now [Sometimes?] Go to Wrong Threads


I have a thread, Advice for New Guys, with links to other threads.

One of the links goes to a different, incorrect, thread that has some similar words in the topic string.

I could fix these links, but this is another thread where I can’t exit my postings in my thread.

Can you fix something?

Can you set ownership of all posts to the the creator of the posts to enable edits or alter a time window that restricts these edits. Some threads are alive and need maintenance over months and years.

[ I do understand that things are probably crazy at this time.]


Can you tell me which post/topic are you referring to so that I can have a look?


In this post: About the T Replacement Category

Follow the link for 'Advice for New Guys" which takes you here: Advice for New Guys

In that link, note this:
[Sept 2015]
Created a thread re HPTA restart here:

That link now goes to: HPTA Restart

That is wrong, should go here: HPTA Restart for TRT w/Application to Gear & PCT

I think that your logic may have truncated the thread titles. I can find this thread with your forum search using [hpta restart for trt guys] but searching with the full thread title comes up with nothing.

I am going to edit the ‘advice for new guys’ opening post now to correct this.

Did that. And that now works correctly and note that the link has a title and also the unique thread ID number.