Links for Test. Level By Age?

I can’t find the latest post about testosterone levels by age, will somebody please post here for me? I saw it here the other day and now can’t find it. Thanks in advance.


Somebody, please? I need to forward it to a T-Nation member. I still haven’t found it.


I don’t have a link but you are probably thinking about a post I made where my labs came back with these values as “normal” – quoting the lab report:

REFERENCE INTERVAL: Testosterone: Adult Male

Tanner Stage
or Age ----------- Serum Testosterone (ng/dL)

III (14-16) -------------100-120
IV,V (16-19) -----------200-970
20-39 ----------------400-1080
40-59 ----------------350-890
60+ ------------------350-720

To convert to nmol/L, multiply nd/dL by 0.0347

I thought teens were supposed to have more test than adults?

beaul, generally they do.

The adult ranges are bullshit. What we really care about are optimal ranges.

LEF.ORG has a great article (Male Hormone Modulation Therapy) that talks about ideal levels.

Notice from those standard ranges how likely a 20 year old could be the same as a 80 year old.

Standard lab ranges for Total T are BS.

(Geezz…I think my arimidex is starting to work, I’m amped!)

Thank you for the re-post e-loo.