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Links for BJJ Newbies

I have spent a dull afternoon at work looking for good advice for BJJ newbies like myself, and I came across this fantastic resource, and have spent the rest of the afternoon reading through it:


I found it through this equally brilliant website:

Additional links I have been waisting time on, mostly redirected from the above webpage include this from grapplearts.com, which is a brilliant website:


And this from something called Aesopian, which I had never heard of before:

All great stuff for beginners, but I cannot recommend that free book highly enough.

The Stephen Kesting resource (first link) is great, he also has a free e-mail that comes each day with tips and pointers.

I’d also strongly recommend the Bullshido thread I mention in that Beginner FAQ, which lays out how you should approach training. Found it very useful before I started not all that long ago in 2006:


What a timely post! This is totally awesome…thank you for pulling this together. And for anybody who’s subscribed to the beginner’s book…it’s really no-strings-attached free? That would be most awesome.

Yep totally no strings attached, there is some “paid for” material available from the same website, but for the book itself, and the helpful emails, you just need to register your email address.

Good to see you here Slideyfoot, gives me a chance to thank you directly. I have trained in a few different combat sports, and had trial sessions in many others, and I think BJJ is the hardest for a beginner because it is so complex. It is easy to get quickly disheartened. Resources like the one you put together are invaluable, so thank you.

Great info guys thanks! I just started training the start of this month here http://www.totaljj.com/index.html

it deff is like no other martial art or sport, but once you start it consumes you *B^)