Links and Advice on Impingement

  1. Been having shoulder problems with my right shoulder for a while. Rested here and there. Cut out dumb shit such as inclines and any cable work. That was months ago. Can’t abide cutting out flat bench and OH press - lifting heavy weight is too important for my mental stability.

After basic push days (even hours after) it’s pretty painful. I can handle the pain and was planning to keep lifting through it - but am worried about doing more damage.

Seeing a sports medicine doctor is on the agenda, but I thought some of the smart folks on TN could give me some decent advice, links on the forum, or across the web to stretch, work the joint or other useful thoughts.

I take fish oil, but any supplement recos would also be welcome.

Getting old sucks.

Lots of great shit in the “mobility for old farts” thread. I do lots of stretching and I’m thinging hand held massager is in my future. More as a preventive medicine. I am slowly bringing my should back to life.

Best of luck!

a few thoughts:

What is your form lke when benching? that is the # 1 culprit.

try cutting out heavy bb benching and OPs, go with close grips and lots of dumbell benching for reps

rotator work? are you doing it? cuz that is what a PT will prescribe after a costly consultation

lots of rows, upper back works (pullaparts, bent laterals, face pulls, shrugs, pulldowns to all angles)

I combat bad shoulders on a daily basis, lol, my current max bench shirt is in the 700s…

If it really is an impingement issue then this is what i would do to remedy it.

Scapula retraction, eg. horizontal rowing exercises
Strengthen the lower traps
Strengthen the external rotators (aka. rotator cuff exercises)
and stretch your chest.

trap 3 raise.flv - YouTube (Lower trap raise)

Resistance Tube External Rotation - Rotator Cuff Exercises - YouTube (External rotation. You could start with a band but try and progress just like any lift).

Foam Roll Chest Stretch and Thoracic Spine and Rib Joint Mobilization - YouTube (Thoracic spine mobility and chest stretch on a foam roller)