Linkin Park's new CD???

Does Linkin Park have a new CD out? I’ve seen something in the record store called Re-Animation. However, it looks to be as if some other bands have re-wrote some of their songs as a tribute to Hybrid Theory. Does anybody know anything about this? If so, is it worth buying?

I think Linkin Park’s new CD is entitled, “How I managed to make money making crappy music.” I think each song is meant to be instructional. It also goes into how little each band member thinks of people who regularly follow their music. I think they refer to them as, “peons,” “democrats,” and “serfs.”

I believe the new CD is just remixes of all the songs on the first CD (you know, like Zombie does).

Being of a slightly older generation, I have to say that I don’t care for much of the new music. Despite that, I really did like Linkin Park’s first album - and thus am disappointed at this blatant marketing ploy to suck even more consumer dollars out of their first effort. I had a listen to Re-Animation and liked one or two of the tracks, but even if I had liked the entire album I wouldn’t buy it on principle.

I have this cd and a lot of the songs are remixes. I have their old cd too and i think the new cd has some new songs on it. I’m not sure i still hven’t listened to the whole thing. From what i’ve heard it’s not all that bad.-

Spend your money on something else. Re-Animation is plain garbage.