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LinkedIn for Jobs?


Anybody use this? It is a social network geared towards networking for jobs. I am very tentative about using social networks at all, here at least I can be as private as I want (notice no pics and no posting of advice (anymore)). But the point of linkedin is to expose yourself to future potential employers, etc.

I would continue to avoid it except the articles associated with the career path I would like to pursue keeps trumping it as a way to network. So, before I join up I would like to here others thoughts about the site and any pro-con arguments about it. Thanks.


I'm on it, I don't really see much coming of it but it never hurts to maintain a network. 90% of my network are colleagues and former classmates, but I also have some recruiters and other random people who might someday have needs that match my skills. You can set yourself so you aren't google-able on it, if you like. People can't see your entire profile unless you let them.


Thanks. Right now if I'm googled the only things that show up are my publications and presentations. I prefer that over more personal information.


Tex Ag

I use it professionally all the time. Good for developing and keeping in touch with networks and audiences - which is a big part of my job. Links in well with Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Can be used for job hunting (via managing a professional profile for employers / customers to look at, using references and identifying people for informational interviews), but only when combined with real offline networking. Depending on the sector it's the networking tool to use.

As with any social network (or any activity on the web) it requires you to manage your online presence carefully. LinkedIn is for professional stuff only. Personal information doesn't really belong there. I would strongly keep personal and professional identities separate. But that goes for the offline world just the same. PM me if you want to discuss anything in more detail.



I would use it, there are several things that I have used it for. I used it to find a scholarship and I used it to find a few people jobs.


I don't link up my FB account with it, simply to keep my personal and professional lives separate.

I literally get 2-3 recruiting messages/week from recruiters or HR professionals from other firms on linkedin. I'm not sure what field you're in, but all of the CPA's I know are bombarded with recruiting offers via linkedin.

Not a be all end all by any means, but it can sure be helpful if you're looking to change positions/firms.


Useful website. I used it more when I was a headhunter. Obviously it's a fast way to find who works where in what position to "poach" them.

Try not to add too many groups - the updates and emails get really troublesome - of course you could turn them off.

Connecting with old colleagues and classmates in this network is better than FB IMHO because you keep it "strictly business" and you never know when that contact might become useful (I know it's not right to view people like these, but they will tap your network as much as you tap theirs).

When I moved out of headhunting I talked with HR professionals I knew during my career to secure my current job. There are thousands of people that will apply to a job with "dear sir/madam" or "to whom it may concern" etc. The impact of writing DIRECTLY to someone makes a difference, via email, personal, direct - LinkedIn helps you find the person to do that.


That can be avoided by having a private and a personal FB profile. I work with a lot of students and alumni - and that's their medium of choice (for the moment). The nice thing about linking FB, LI and Twitter up is that you can talk to multiple audiences at one time - if you so wish. Depends of course where you want to drive them - in my case it my LI profile (for establishing the relationship) and then our work site (to capitalise on it for business purposes).



Very much agreed. I switched off direct reminders as I'm in many groups. I don't like email updates (for anything). As I'm on the platform most of my work day I stay in the loop anyway. I've combined it with Twitter - which I use mostly an information source and search engine.



Thanks for all the feedback, it is very much appreciated.

Makkun, I will be sending you a pm in the next day or so.


Makkun, pm sent


LinkedIn is the new monster.com. This is THE professional networking tool and if you're not on it. You're missing out. Great tool for active and passive job seekers.


I recently graduated and have been looking for a job. Being a business grad I have had my linked profile for a while.
They have an app called Box . net, which I use to have my resume and transcript for recruiters to peek at. The result is that when I apply for a position and mention the linked in profile, I always, within a day or two, get a email from the server saying 'someone dowloaded/viewed your resume or transcript'. The bad part is they don't tell you the name of the person.
Very unsettling, but it's the targetted job search is nice.

This is my round about way of asking...Anyone looking to hire an Hons. BBA grad (honour roll to boot)


I got a few application requests via LinkedIn.
It's not bad, actually, but I don't maintain my account much and only log in about twice a month.


How many people really get jobs off the internet? Just curious... I, and everyone I personally know, have gotten jobs through people they directly know or with meeting people directly.


2 of my 3 co-op positions were applied for online. An interview was conducted after the fact.

No one gets a job solely through the net, it's just another way to get yourself noticed.


One my my best uses of Linkedin is to see who my friends know and then ask my friends to contact them to see if they might be interested in a project I am working on. I also use facebook for that and every month I get deals done through that type of linkage. Now I don't know how that translates into looking for a job, but the more people you know on-line, the more likely it is you will know someone who knows someone who is hiring.