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Link Between Milk & Kidney Stones

I’ve heard a lot about the link between drinking milk and kidney stones. I’ve heard that milk increases the risk of kidney stones, that it doesn’t affect and that it can decrease the risk.

I drink between 2000 and 2800 ml of the stuff a day, and was just curious…

Can anyone clarify on this subject…

Where did you get that? Never heard of it.

[quote]Majin wrote:
Where did you get that? Never heard of it.[/quote]

I’ve just seen it around the internet, but it is different in different articles. So I’m just assuming there is no real link.

if you have mal distrubution or improper ratio of fats to bile salts, i.e. lots of fat and very little bile salts. you can get gallstones.

if you have high calcium levels in your blood. or high phosphate levels, you can also develope kidney stones.

I’m betting the majority of these are genetically based, but a drink like milk can deliver exactly what the doctor ordered to raise blood calcium, phosphate, and fat.