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Link Between High Cholesterol, Low Test?


so i had my physical and told the dr what additional blood work i wanted done and told him i would pay out of pocket if necessary. I gave him an index card with the tests i learned from this forum. he said ok and told his staff to run something.

turns out he doesnt order most of the tests i requested and hides behind his staff when i call to ask him about it.

looks like i may need to find a new dr now. he wanted me to come in and talk about the cholesterol, but i told his staff why would i go see a dr that doesnt do what i ask him to do? bum doesnt even call me himself to explain.

anyway, total cholesterol was about 255 and ldl was 220 and test was in the low 300's and the range was 175 to ?. i am assuming it was total test, but the lab report just said test.

i did some research and saw a few studies that said that increasing test will lower ldl, but they were sponsored by a company that makes test.

what, if any, is the link between high ldl and low test? I just want to be a bit more prepared for my next dr.


Improved metabolism. We see this happen over and over again here.


sorry for being confused. are you saying the test will improve metabolism which will in turn lower ldl?