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Liniments, Oils, Rubs....


Who uses anything like Blue Heat, EquiBlock, etc... before/during/after training?

Recommendations, usage, and opinions please. I'm basically just curious if anyone has any stories/anectdotes of these products having any impact on training or pain relief. My knees and inner elbows get mildly sore from over use at times and I just ice and rest them to keep the pain to a minimum. I perform each core lift twice a week and the increased benching and squatting puts a lot of stress on my knees/elbows. I'm making good progress (not changing frequency unless pain gets to a point I think it's more than just a bit of over-use) and have absolutely NO access to any specialty bars (SSB) until I get back stateside. Thanks.


I've been through a couple bottles of blue and pink each. I like to rub down shoulders, elbows, biceps, tris, knees, hamstrings, ankles, whatever about 10 minutes before warmup. Then warm up and train as normal. Stretch then ice if you need it. I think it helps warm the muscles and tendons prior to training, makes warming up for me easier anyhow
Spend the 8 bucks and see what works for you.


I like the spray on icy hot before workouts and before doing mobility work. I just bought some liquid tiger balm and I'm pretty sure thats going to melt all my skin off.


I use blue heat and like it a lot. Works pretty good just rubbing it in and works better if you have something around it (i.e. ace bandage, knee sleeves, bench shirt, compression shorts/groove briefs etc.)

I gave some to a guy at my gym today for his shoulder. He's been injured for about 8 months and said today was the first day he's bench without pain.


Ahh tiger balm. That is my choice.


i cant find tiger balm around here anymore...i miss it.


Anyone have any unconventional treatments? I'm taking FA3, Flameout, and Circumin daily. I think those supps are helping a lot of my soft tissue problems from the past. Just trying to broaden my knowledge. Prob gonna order some Pink and Blue this week.

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I use something called biofreeze. It's not as strong as icy-hot wbut it lasts a lot longer. I can't speak for equiblock because THAT SHIT IS FOR HORSES