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Lingo for the Site?


As I am new here I am trying to learn the lingo of all these abbreviations is there someone that can help explain thanks


Pretty sure you will have list an example.


There are a few you need to know:

A2M - ass to mat. This is used to describe squat depth well below parallel. In the gym you should always be going A2M.

BBC - barbell competence. This is to describe someone with a base level of strength in the gym. All lifters should strive to get BBC as soon as possible. Getting BBC in the gym is reallly important.

BBW - barbell whipping. Used to describe the triple extension that initiates an Olympic lift. It’s important to really thrust your hips hard and fast into a BBW.

Creampie - when your chalked hands tear a callous, usually deadlifting. Getting creampied in the gym is a badge of honour. All the big strong dudes you see in a gym have been creampied at some stage. Ask them if you don’t believe me.

There’s probably more but those are some important examples


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There really aren’t any abbreviations local to the site that I can think of, just general training jargon like ROM (range of motion), TUT (time under tension), etc. (etcetera). But that’s standard stuff anywhere lifting is talked about.

There are plenty of running gags and inside jokes, from pointy collarbones and conjugating with lions to holding up a shoe and getting jacked from basketball and McD’s. But with those, if you don’t know, you don’t know. And if you know, you know.


Can we sticky these?


G4P - Go for Personal Record. When you’re having a great top set and feel like you can get a personal record.


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Thank you guys I’m from the last generation and not used to all of the acranims