Lingering Quad DOMS

Probably alarming over nothing, but after Friday’s workout (squats) I immediatly started to have sore legs 1-2 hours after the workout itself, and the soreness has been there the whole Saturday, Sunday and it feels better today, Monday, but it’s still there. Stretching didn’t do much (if anything) for it and I’ve been getting the usual amount of sleep I always get - I work in the evening so I have no alarm clock in the morning, which gives me plenty of sleep hours.
Obviously, this is not the norm to me, with DOMS lasting maybe one day after workout, often I don’t have them. I’m in an upper/lower routine and I just came out of a full body program that had me squat 3 times a week - that’s why it seems weird that a single squat workout would cripple me so much.
I’ve experienced something similar only in one occasion during the last year, and it’s when I worked out while taking ciproxin this summer. That time I had a lingering soreness in my hams that just didn’t improve in any way (sleep, stretching, walking, etc). Wondering if the fact that I’m treating a tooth abscess with amoxicillin might have a similar effect even if this time I can tell the soreness has been improving, just very slowly compared to the usual recovery rate I have.

Forgot to specify, the workout consisted in doing front squats, worked up in triples and hit a single at about 90% of my 1RM, then a 5x5 at about 72% of 1RM. Then high pulls and back extensions, so no crazy volume for legs

Consider yourself lucky, I almost always have DOMS for at least 3 days after pretty much any compound movement.


The only way to not get DOMS at some point is to quit lifting. It’s very inconsistent with me. Sometimes I can get away with a 10x10 GVT superset workout with no doms. Other times I find it hard to walk for days after.

Get sleep, nutrition and do some conditioning the day after leg day (bike, jog, hike). Get the blood back in the legs.

Do you drink enough water? One day i had squats and DL after work and only had a quick bowl of cereal and one bottle of water for 3 hours beforehand. Entire workout and next day domms were terrible and i never get quad soreness

studies have shown that bacteria in your teeth raise IGF-1 levels.

Your IGF-1 levels’ll be in the shitter.

Stop taking the antibiotics immediately.

I didn’t know that Yogi. Seriously?

but to OP, whenever I experience extended soreness or something along the lines of cramps or Charlie horses, most times it helps to up your salt intake. It could be Gatorade or even regular sea salt.

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I was riffing on the fact the dude clearly doesn’t know what antibiotics do

I’m gonna have to study your sense of humor lol. Most times I think your legit serious. lol

Yogi is a rare, mysterious jewel

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I always drink water, a lot, both at work and at home (and during the workout). I pretty much always have with me a small bottle (0,5lt) that I refill during the day.

Lol, I have a basic clue of how they work, I have absolutely no clue if/how they interact with training, so thought it might be a useful piece of info. I had a groin tendon inflammation this summer that could have turned into a rupture since my medic didn’t mention of cipro’s side effects. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I needed antibiotics in the last 5-6 years - and three of those would be due to abscess, lol.

Thanks, didn’t really think about that - can I eventually dissolve some sea salt into water?

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If you wish. You don’t have to get all fancy and whatnot, just make sure to get some salt in your system. Ive been lazy enough to just put a teaspoon of salt on my tounge and wash it down with some water. Whatever is more convenient for you.

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The simpler the better, I’m kinda lazy too lol - thanks again for the advice, I’ll do it this evening!

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If I get DOMS or an injury, I always do bodyweight squats/deadlifts or bands for upper body. Just 50 reps (5×10) - 2x per day not pushing the ROM as it will get better with each set.

Things always feel horrible the next day but if by the 2nd or 3rd day it doesn’t feel better, I know something is up.

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