Lingering Pain From Injuries and or Training? Consider Acupuncture

I’ve been lifting for a long time and, like most of us, I have sore joints. I’ve also “tweaked” muscles from time to time from overexertion, etc.

About 10 years ago, kind of on a whim, I tried acupuncture on the recommendation of a co-worker. Believe me when I say, I am the worlds biggest skeptic when it comes to things like this but now I am its biggest advocate. I don’t know how it is with other practitioners but my guy never talks about “chi” or energy or any of that bullshit. It is strictly interrupting a nerve pathway to control pain or to enhance blood flow to things like tendons.

I have had way more relief provided from acupuncture than from any mainstream dr. You all know the drill, we hurt something and all drs do is tell you to take pain relievers or “just don’t do that anymore”, which we all know isn’t the answer most of us are looking for. We want our shit fixed not just told to take another pill.

For me personally, acupuncture provides me stress relief, and pain relief. It can loosen tight muscles, relieve pain, and reduce stress. If you’ve ever had E-Stim, then you should try acupuncture with electrical stimulation. They hook the electricity straight to the needle and it creates small contractions at the point where its needed.

Lastly, there is cupping, which to me feels like a deep tissue massage afterwards.

Anyway, for those of you willing to consider it, I would hope you give it a chance.


@studhammer, Great testimonial!

Being a chiropractor and a soft tissue injury guy, I have a couple of things to add to your observations.

Over the years I have come to a very comfortable conclusion that, outside of acute/immediate, most or all of my patients have a baseline of inflammation. This makes them more susceptible to all types of aches and pains, accelerated joint arthritis/degeneration, and even gut issues and reduced hormones. At some level, even my advanced athletes say they get more fatigue, have more brain fog, don’t recover as well, and generally don’t feel as well as they should for being the studs they are.

The point, inflammation for most of us, 88% is the estimate, is a problem. Acupuncture is one of the few studied ways to deal with it. In an article by Catherine Caruso, they outline all the evidence to say that acupuncture has a significant effect on reducing inflammation, and even better, cortisol! The effect is reduced soreness/pain, better sleep, and recovery, and increased immune function. All these are necessary for optimal recovery in training. The article is linked here: Acupuncture and Inflammation Article

So, you are right on and acupuncture is worth a try. There are other things you can do including dietarily, but that’s for another thread!

Train well, stay well,

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Thanks Doc. I appreciate the information