Lingering Lower Back Pain

I know I know. There are alot of threads on this; and I just read 3 of them. Most of them are from people who did similar things (heavy deadlifting + rounded back).

I did this to myself in late July. Since then I have gone to an A.R.T. guy, done all sorts of stretches and tripled my Flameout intake.

I haven’t done any squat/deadlift/spinal compression movements at the gym (mainly just chest, arms, upper back).

I have a feeling that its sciatic pain that I’m feeling now; mainly since my med student girlfriend told me that its in the sciatic area of my lower back.

This is mainly a post that I’m putting up here to get some feedback on what to do from here…?

If ya gotta beat me up verbally for not going to a chiro yet, do so…I can take it. But any advice for such a longterm pain would be great. Thanks!