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I want to buy some lingerie to suprise my guy. What turns you on the most? Please don't say thongs, I wear those every day and I am looking for something different.




Two words SEE THROUGH!!!!!!


I've always found tight, high cut tank tops and white cotton panties irresistable.


See through stuff & thigh highs & garters & then take it all off.


Depends on your body type.


Velour underwear and bras are great... nice texture. Fun to pet :slightly_smiling:


it really doesn't matter hehe... men are so easy eh? its neat


Sheer babydolls or any lingerie designed so that she can leave some of it on during sex. Hmmmm.


See-through, sheer bra and panties, with a garter belt and thigh-high stockings. Mmmmmmm.


Crotchless panties with stockings clipped on to them. Edible underwear can always be fun too. School girl outfit :wink:


never been a big fan of lingerie...
I find ordinary bras and bikinis or thongs much sexier that any lacey getup. just my opinion


black stockings and a leather mc jacket


I've never been really interested in lingerie, but even I have a fetish for thigh-highs & garter belts. Not only that, every one of my good friends likes them too. I'd say you can't miss. (And as Chris S. noted, you can leave them on during the act... :-q...) Whatever you buy, though, you MUST POST PICTURES of you wearing the lingerie to the Forum as payment for all of our good advice!


It depends on the guy. I like leopard print. Virtually anything. The stockings and garter belt are a great idea -- add spike heels. Some leather works great too. The nurse/schoolgirl/french maid type outfits don't do anything for me. Sheer is nice, but not the whole get-up. Leave something yet to be revealed -- that whole adventure thing. No long gowns -- doesn't accentuate the legs. I can't believe I'm giving lingerie advice first thing in the morning. Looks to be an interesting day.


You really want to surprise him? Two words: clown suit. Make sure you complete the outfit with some pancake makeup and a rainbow-colored afro wig. Your man will certainly be surprised!


OH I think buying lingerie for him to wear would definitely surprise him. haa haa.


Okay, the thigh highs with garters and high heels win the survey. Demo Dick and Knuckledragger, you guys are the clowns:-) I thought someone might say something about HIM wearing lingere when I posted this, then I thought...you know, its really not fair that the guys get to have some visual fun, but the sexiest thing you wear for us are those cotton boxer shorts.

I think all you guys should get some male stripper outfits to suprise your girl with. You know, G-strings, or chaps , or those velcro pants you can just rip off. I can hear you all now "thats sooo gaaay!" Wrong! Its just sexy. If you have those beautiful bodies you have been working on it will look great. So whadda ya think of that huh?!! :-p P.S. What exactly is a Demo Dick anyway? Something I try before I buy?


“Demo” is short for demolition, as in demolish, destroy, or de-flower. Dick is not short for anything. LOL. Hey, some guys are good at math, some guys play a mean game of backgammon, and some guys have threateningly large junk. :slight_smile:


I don't need any of that lingerie Girlfriend. One of your special under-the -table-on-your-knees surpises would be nice though. :slight_smile: