Lingerie Football League

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First, like marvelgirl said, feminism is about the freedom of choice for women, not forcing feminazi beliefs on all women.

Alright, well that would be relevant if anyone in here were forcing feminazi beliefs on all women.

That isn’t the case, so… I’m not quite clear on why you even brought it up.

Second, it’s sheer economics. Either they get to play in a league like this, or they don’t get to play at all.

Which is exactly why I said:

Female athletes deserve more respect than this.

Economics is amoral. Economics doesn’t give a shit. Economics is driven by peoples’ private decisions, both social and antisocial.

Now, I’m sure you’d just love to live in a world where the only economical way men could play pro football was in thong speedos for the enjoyment of fat, middle aged women and homosexual men.

You think it would be better to deny women the right to do as they please, put them out of work, and that, somehow, would be more respectful?

My freedom to choose whether or not to support this in no way restricts their freedom to exhibit themselves for fap material under the thin guise of sport.

Because let’s not kid ourselves. That’s what it is: a guise. This is not a sport, it’s erotic entertainment. I’d be fine with the LFL if they just openly admitted this, instead of pretending to be a legitimate sporting venture.

As for “putting them out of work”, I’m sure in the absence of the LFL they could find equally respectable positions in strip joints, peep shows, and “private escort” agencies.

So you and whoever else can go ahead and support it to your hearts and loins’ content. I won’t be. I’d take a rough hockey girl in full gear over these frilly-clad tinkerbells any day.


Fella, why is this different than being a bikini or lingerie model? At least they are showing physicality.

and it’s all just good fun.

It’s the world. Boycotting won’t help, it would only send a signal “look yet again women’s sports don’t make money”.

Besides what do you think pro sports are? Sports for kids are to teach them teamwork and how to win and how to lose. Sports for adults are for men to show off their virility. Why do male animals square off and fight to impress females? You know there are species of birds that hold vast tournaments with many males competing together and against each other?

Pro sports is nothing but an extension of that. As we evolved we kept that behavior. We wrap it up in “sportsmanship” and lofty words, but in the end it’s about sex and proving “I am a good provider and have good genes you want these genes for your children”. Just like most of our behavior.

So in the end there’s little difference.

Actually for most of us men the only way we’d get to play football is if we DID wear silly costumes or next to nothing.

I think if the XFL DID have the men wearing next to nothing it might have done better. I mean if it’s “extreme” football, the guys should have looked like the gang in the Road Warrior, and the cheerleaders should have had leather bikinis and whips. They’d still be athletes who maybe couldn’t get into in the NFL but if it’s a choice between that or something non sports related? There’d be lots who would do it sure. And I wouldn’t feel bad for those men, I’d be happy cause they’d get to do something they loved, and all they had to do was wear less.

just ordered a hoody to show my team spirit

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So, you lump women wearing lingerie in the same category as women who suck dick for cash.[/quote]


[quote]I wonder what awful things you must think of the figure athletes. They slather themselves with fake tan, get fake tits put in for the enjoyment of gross men, and prance around on stage in tiny little bikinis.

Yeah, you’re so right, all women are fucking whores. Go suck some dick and leave us whores alone asshole.[/quote]

Well that was over the top. Do us both a favour and Google “strawman fallacy”.

Figure athletes do not “perform on stage for the enjoyment of gross men”. That is not the purpose of the sport. That goes without saying. Why you’re lumping in Figure Athletes with girls who suck dick for cash, and then accusing me of doing the same, I don’t know. Needless to say, it’s straw-manning and it’s ridiculous.

Calm down. Don’t get your panties in a knot, and don’t call people “assholes” when you don’t actually have the facts straight.

Asshole. ;^P