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Lingerie Football League


I was watching the news this morning and they covered the tryouts for the San Diego Seduction. I guess it is a full contact league starting this fall.

Thought some of you folks might like a link



I am training my one of my clients in prep for this
If all goes well she will be set in her career (modeling + fitness)

So far looks legit- 20 teams holding tryouts



That is the most ingenious thing I have ever seen.


I've actually heard of this before. Pretty sweet. Yeah its' hot as hell but the girls really play hard.


any chance the teams are lookin for a team "doctor" ?


Its the best thing ever created since the "slow dance chubby". They do go all out and hit hard, God bless em.


Awesome stuff OG, are you planning to try out yourself? Need any coaching?


no nooooooo not me. San Diego is going to have a team though.

I was just wondering when all the protestors are going to come out of the woodwork screaming that it isn't a family value sport.


Like John Candy said, "they are better than power tools and fun for the whole family."


Nice, they need to learn how to throw though, even I have a better arm than that.

I played tackle football with a group of guy friends for a few years...so much fun after they finally realized I wasn't going to break if they hit me.

Anytime new guys would come play, they'd give me this sideways glance and one of my friends would be like "oh..yeah, this is Brittny, she's pretty much a man so don't hold back." Lol.


As much as I would enjoy watching this in a dark room with a towel, it's indecent and I won't be supporting it.

Female athletes deserve more respect than this.


So female oil/jello/mud/ky wrestlers aren't athletes? I think you may have a big dose of the space madness sir.


I wish they had a team in Vegas, it looks like it'll be fun.


They already got all asshurt about this over at FA awhile back. Apparently, some people believe that feminism is about living within the suffocating confines of what other women deem to be "proper" instead of being able to make our own choices about our bodies and what we personally find to be degrading.


You made a good point MarvelGirl about it being each woman's choice. Hopefully these women will be making some good money or at the least, some good contacts in whatever they want to do.


Awesome! Screw the NFL, this is the future of American Football.



First, like marvelgirl said, feminism is about the freedom of choice for women, not forcing feminazi beliefs on all women.

Second, it's shear economics. Either they get to play in a league like this, or they don't get to play at all.

You think it would be better to deny women the right to do as they please, put them out of work, and that, somehow, would be more respectful?


I guess that this was inevitable, but I still can't believe that it will make money and survive. Sports is a cutthroat business and not every venture makes it.

Anyway, are most of these ladies budding FA/models? Where do they find girls that are athletic enough, yet sexy enough? I am always looking for women like that, but I'm not having much luck.


Alright, well that would be relevant if anyone in here were forcing feminazi beliefs on all women.

That isn't the case, so... I'm not quite clear on why you even brought it up.

Which is exactly why I said:

Female athletes deserve more respect than this.

Economics is amoral. Economics doesn't give a shit. Economics is driven by peoples' private decisions, both social and antisocial.

Now, I'm sure you'd just love to live in a world where the only economical way men could play pro football was in thong speedos for the enjoyment of fat, middle aged women and homosexual men.

My freedom to choose whether or not to support this in no way restricts their freedom to exhibit themselves for fap material under the thin guise of sport.

Because let's not kid ourselves. That's what it is: a guise. This is not a sport, it's erotic entertainment. I'd be fine with the LFL if they just openly admitted this, instead of pretending to be a legitimate sporting venture.

As for "putting them out of work", I'm sure in the absence of the LFL they could find equally respectable positions in strip joints, peep shows, and "private escort" agencies.

So you and whoever else can go ahead and support it to your hearts and loins' content. I won't be. I'd take a rough hockey girl in full gear over these frilly-clad tinkerbells any day.



So, you lump women wearing lingerie in the same category as women who suck dick for cash... I wonder what awful things you must think of the figure athletes. They slather themselves with fake tan, get fake tits put in for the enjoyment of gross men, and prance around on stage in tiny little bikinis.

Yeah, you're so right, all women are fucking whores. Go suck some dick and leave us whores alone asshole.