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Lingerie Bowl Training


I am helping a friend of mine train for the lingerie bowl. I did a quick search and didn't find anything. I was hoping you could give me some advice as to the type of workout regimen to create for her. I do not have much experience with programs for women (although I doubt they are too much different)or with training for football. I could come up with a decent program, but I am more experienced with training for individual sports (shot put and discus). So this is something new for me.

She has been working out for awhile, but nothing that is very intense. Whatever information you might need, I will obtain. Thank you very much.


For those who are wondering. Here is the terrible objectification of women that he's talking about. I can't believe females actually choose to do this.



have you watched a game bobbi? i was impressed. through my drool. lol

those bitches can HIT. and take a hit. i figured it'd be like lame ass powder puff but i'm glad they actually play. i like to play with my objects. wink wink.


ummm... That's hot. I would tackle hot women in lingerie. anytime. :slight_smile:

And it does look like they're actually playing a sport. Rock on and more power to 'em.


I just watched a bit of this adolescent masturbatory fodder (sorry deja and frzn :stuck_out_tongue: ) the other night and I was also impressed by the fact that these women really do play the sport and not just prance around in undies.

And you know what I think is interesting? The fact that these women tackle and hit each other pretty fucking hard with minimal padding, meanwhile in men's game, these dudes are all padded up! HAHA! Bunch of pussies (the men, that is).

But Bobbi, i hear ya too - you should've seen my outrage when Puma tried to introduce the women's pro soccer league skirt uniform. The fact that female athletes still have to pander to gender norms is embarrassing and patronizing. If there's any place where women should be "de-sexed" its on the pitch, or the field or the court, etc.

But as per usual, its a fine line for women when it comes to the feminization of sport and it always produces mixed feelings for me.

OP, when is this lingerie bowl?


help her find someone else to train her.

you dont know what you're doing.


oh and, if we're gonna disapprove of this sort of thing, by all means, lets direct our anger at the whore, not the pimp.

(i really dont have a problem with prostitution or this lingerie bowl. there's 97 kinds of bitches, g'head and get mad at all of em.)


do people really think there's more shame in being paid to be an object, than being paid to lick a consumer's ass in the retail world?

then again i don't believe in shame.... so maybe this one's over my head.


I got 99 problems...

Hope you find what your looking for OP.


I also don't have any issues with prostitution (when not coerced) or lingerie bowls. Nor do think there is more shame to objectifying oneself, especially to do something you enjoy such as play football, than working retail.

I was just speaking for myself, that its my own personal preference to not conduct sport in attire that makes me feel less athletic and "powerful", and more ridiculous (note that i said feel, i can't guarantee that i don't actually look ridiculous as is) - which is why playing soccer in a skirt, or football in lingerie for example, would be demoralizing for me.

And its not even b/c I'm looking for equity of the sexes. I realize that males and females do have some physiological differences, which is one of the reasons why women's soccer is epically boring to watch. But i mean, c'mon, your playing a sport that requires certain feats of agility and where you'll most likely get knocked about - the last thing you should be thinking about is your labia getting torn off by someones head gear!

But like deja said, if these ladies like doing it, then more power.

Also, its not like there are very many avenues for professional sports for women - so, this is definitely a step in some direction...?

Sorry guys! I find this stuff endlessly fascinating!


my 2 cents:

how I decide this shit is: Would the women do it if they have a choice to do anything else?

how many prostitutes would opt out if we would give them a decent salary doing something else? most of them.
how many got involved because of gangs and shit knowing how to play the young and innnocent? most of them.
This doesn't mean they are not reponsible. Only that it doesn't solve the root of the problem which is education, self esteem, access to education and a good salary.

how many of these female naked sportswomen would drop out if they could play and be paid to play the sport in regular sportsgear??



I think there is a women's pro football league btw...not sure if they get paid tho. And I'm certain playing in undies gets you more money and fame than playing all suited up...

These women just better hope they don't get MRSAs with the turf burns they'll sustain whilst geared up in a just bra and panties.


geezus god that is a horrible image.


IDK.......put women in all out football gear? Complete with 300lb "linewomen"???? Na playa, thanx but i'll pass on the heavy women pushing each other around.


To answer the OP, A video training log would be the most appropriate thing to do.


This is an interesting problem for workout design... on the one hand, training to be good at football, on the other hand, training to look good in underwear. I'm not a coach or trainer, but this seems like it would actually be fun to plan. Bobbi, if you could hold your nose long enough to do this, I bet you'd come up with something cool.

I have less of an anti-objectification reaction than most, because I'm a pretty vain person myself, and because I figure most people have reasons for the things they want to do.


There are 4 professional female football leagues. I've played in 2 of them. If these women were good enough or actually cared about football they'd play in the real "full gear, NFL rules" leagues. This league is about hot women FIRST, football players SECOND. They sell tickets because they're half naked, not because of the football. Let's not kid ourselves.

For a woman to be noticed for a sport she must be half naked and "hot" by traditional standards is infuriating. Look at some of the most well known women in sports. How many have done a Maxim or FHM photo shoot?

These women dress in next to nothing and knock each other around for the amusement of drunken men to hoot and holler over them. Why are women still basing their self worth on how many men want to have sex with them? It tends to be that confident, talented women don't need to whore themselves out for the approval of the opposite sex. I would think strong women like the ones of this board would expect more in this day and age.


Yea deja I've seen games. The thing someone wouldn't realize when watching is all the females are small (because they have to look good in lingerie) so they can knock each other around and it looks like big hits. Most of these "players" wouldn't make it on the practice squad of a real team because then they'd get stomped on by actual football sized athletes. The average pro female player is about 5'10 175. There's a huge difference in the size and speed of play between real football and this. This is more like aggressive frat party mud wrestling in a football style environment than women's pro ball.


What I was thinking. Kind of an aside, but how many women do you expect to find on this board OP that have trained for or trained football players? I was, and am, shocked that there is one. Its kick ass, but im surprised.



I like a strong woman who can take care of herself personally. On principal, I agree with you, but I am a lifestyle libertarian so I won't be judging them at all. Also as a point of interest: Alot of guys base there self worth on how many girls want to have sex with them too. Its a two way street, its just more pronounced on the female side because of pre-existing gender stereotypes.