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Lineman Workout


Alright so here is the story. Im a Massive 6'3 guy standing at 310 lbs In my junior years all I did was hockey. At the end of my tenth year I was approached by the football coach at my school saying I should play. So I do Loved it. So over the summer I train and get my legs in shape, and recently I participated in a Football training camp held by a university from the states, I performed well and they told me that I have great potential to play in post secondary football. I wanna get that scholarship. Im strong enough to get anyone out of my way but Id like to know what I should do so that I can dominate in my position as nosegaurd next year.


I'M no expert in this area, but for a lineman who already has the size, even if it ain't all practical size, you should focus on strength training. Core strength, leg strength and your pushing strength (tons of close grip benching) and your overall athleticsm. Being big and strong will get you pretty far, but being big, strong AND athletic and agile will make you excell at what you do. Go see some youtube videos, the channel is Strenghtcamp. Elliot Hulse is as guy who trains and preps football players, so you might learn alot of things from him!


I agree with the guy above, keep working on getting stronger and you should focus on explosive strength. Do you do power cleans, high pulls or other lifts like these? I love those for a NG because you need to be quick of the ball not just strong... You should also work on lower body flexibility so you can play with good leverage and lateral movement while staying low...

Obviously conditioning work is good as well but do NOT go out and jog long distances because that will program your body to move slow... you need to be explosive...


there's a lot of articles over at Elitefts.com about lifting for football, you should check them out


But make sure they are not designed for RB's and WR's because a lot of that stuff is... An improved 40 time isn't going to get you a scholarship...


Also make a post on Christain Thibaudeau's forum and I'm willing to bet he will post a good workout designed for a lineman...


Make sure you incorporate alot of agility training in your regimen. The strongest football players are often the WORST. Do not forget that. You are still an athlete not a fat, uncoordinated powerlifter. You also have to be in better shape than a powerlifter within reason. Don't focus too much on agility and conditioning but you should be warming up with it and using it a bit on your off days.


I totally agree with him, your probably going to be stronger than 99% of people trying to block you, if your more agile you will dominate... Also you have to be smart, try to look up video of great NFL nose guards...


Yes, look at some Warren Sapp footage, if you can find it on internet try to see Gamerchanger's D-Lineman edition, he gets the top d-line prospects and get them through some drills and such. Might give you some great tips.


Keep the conditioning like this....3-5 seconds long with 20-25 seconds rest, depends on if you run an up tempo style offense.


He actually plays NG... But he would need to be ready for those up tempo's... One great workout for you would to be do something called "get offs" basically your exploding on the snap of the ball and sprinting low for about 10 yards... Obviously if you have somebody to mimic the snap of a football that would be better...


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Explosive power , quick feet, overall agility, good overall upper body strength.
Not interested in you pushing or shoving someone out of your way but slapping or throwing them out of your way.
movements that will help that you can do alone.
The ability to quickly get back on your feet.

Box jumps
medicine ball throws
dot drills
ladder drills
tire flips
run stadiums
up downs/strides and slides
If you have a partner you can work on your intial hand placement off the line of scrimage and work on how to get the hands of the OL off of you. defensive martial art movements are great. look on you tube.


You already know! But This guy isn't posting back so we can't ask any questions... I am assuming the complexities of the game are not quite the same across the pond...




Yikes, It was a good weekend and forgot about this



A great recent series...



Its mostly the same, mainly one more player on D and field length
But yeah this is all very good info


So yall play with 12 players on defense?? That is odd and would change the entire defensive scheme... when you say you play Nose Guard are you head up on the center and responsible for the "a" gaps?


That is good stuff