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Linear Weekly Progression or 5/3/1?


My stats 31 6’0 197 lbs
Bench: 275
Squat: 285
Deadlift: 405
OHP: 185

Would I be better on an LP program that has you increase your weight weekly or something like 531?


Since we have no idea what your goal is, the question is impossible to answer.


Dude, how many of these topics are you going to make?


It really is getting silly. 8 different variations of “how should I train”-threads in the last 6 weeks. Dude, get your training ADD under control, choose a plan, attack it and get results.

Based on your “bodyfat estimate” thread the other week, it seemed like you were already seeing good progress and simply needed to bump up the calories.

If you’re tired of 5/3/1, do something else - anything else. If you’re sticking with 5/3/1, then do it as written. But searching for “the best” program is a great way to waste time.


Whichever one gets you in the gym more and on here posting redundant topics less


Doesn’t matter. Whatever gets you to your goal.


I 100% agree, I suffer from training ADD. I’ll read an article and than I start going down the rabbit hole and there is no returning. My problem is I have no idea how to stop it.


Read less. Seriously. Don’t read another training or nutrition article for the next 8 weeks, just train and eat.

If a question comes up along the way about something you experience, ask away. If a question pops into your head about what might-maybe-possibly happen under a certain circumstance, file it away and ask it later.


Will do this, thanks man.


The most common threads on here are: “Here’s my workout plan / diet plan / conditioning plan, what do you think?” Followed, two days later, by a completely different plan, but with the same line of questions. It’s much harder to keep your head down, put in work, and report back “Here’s what I did…”.

So, don’t ask for validation of a plan you’re never going to do. Pick one, run it for at least 6 weeks, then come back and tell us how it went.


Once you take responsibility for your progress and accept that you need to do this for years and not days you’ll stop blaming the program and you’ll go far.

As a side benefit, patience and sticking to the plan is a transferable skill. The number of projects I work on where people panic and throw everything out the window is staggering - I seriously have no idea how anything gets done.

I get told I have insane patience all the time, but really, I’m just practiced at dealing with long time frames.


Thanks for the advice man.

In my work environment I’m not like this but for some reason when it comes to working out I over analyze everything.


I spent over a year doing this so I know where you’re at. My stats were almost identical to yours, +20 on squat and -20 on OHP. You’re at a point where you feel like you need something really impressively complex to jumpstart you gains (at least I did). It’s not true. I ran OG 5/3/1 for 6 months straight, deloading every 2 cycles. I gained ~30lbs on my bench, 90lbs on squat, and 50lbs on my deadlift just by adhering to the basic 5/3/1 principles. The only thing I read about was recovery, NOT other training techniques. Once I started seeing results in the form of rep PRs I was hooked, and that took about a month. It took about 2.5 months for me to be able to hit my old maxes for 3-5 reps. All that to say, if you’re patient enough, you will fall in love with 5/3/1 after a little while. It’ll make you stronger in a hurry if you’re relatively new to lifting and/or you’re eating in a sufficient caloric surplus.

Chris hit it on the head with this. Every coach on this forum has fantastic programs, and it’s tempting to want to try all of them. They’re very interesting, but picking one and sticking with it for a while is your best bet, for sure. I don’t think I need to specifically say it anymore, but… I highly recommend 5/3/1. Good luck!!