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Linear Progression Stop Working For You?


So I am lucky enough to have not hit the point where I stop PRing every week, but I have heard that this eventually comes to an end.

I just wanted to take an informal poll and see where those that have hit this point had to change things up. I'm really just concerned with squats and deadlifts, and when the music might stop.


It never stops working, it just gets harder to get stronger. Conditions have to be closer and closer to perfect - More food, more sleep, less stress, harder training, more training, etc. The magnitude of impact of everything gets bigger and window of opportunity gets smaller. And aside from increasing difficulty, changing your program will not have a big impact on how much strength you gain compared to these other things.

I'm writing on major lack of sleep so I don't know if what I wrote makes sense, hopefully it does.


When you get to a point where you don't push forward on a lift for 3 sessions in a row, just reset it by 10-15% and start over. That's it.


Time to put on some bodyweight.


I agree with this and daraz's statement. As for as putting on weight, I defintely dont think thats necessary. Will you lift more with more body or muscle mass? More than likely. But its only an option. I had a rough spot about a year ago with my deadlift. At 190lb, I was stuck at 520. I didnt want to sacrifice size for some extra poundage. By changing my diet and using different techniques, I got passed it


I have to ask how long have you been lifting? How old are you? your height and weight? And what does your program look like?


this is what's happened to me. my bench used to go up about 10 lbs a month, but now its only 5. as the weights get heavier it gets harder to progress, but its always worth it.


well if you are using StartingStrength you could try transitioning over to the Texas Method when linear progression stops working