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Linear Periodization Assistance Work

trying to figure out the best way to programme assistance exercises into a basic linear periodization, week 1 @70% and increasing weight from there is the basis of the programme for the main lifts. But i will also have a seperate close grip bench day, and also the secondary exercise to my main lift of the day, eg pause squat or a block pull. how should i programme these?

do what is needed to bring up the main lift and to work on weak areas. thats the idea of accessory work.

so what you need to do is understand, does your weak link need more strength or more size or more endurance. do the appropriate workout for that.

For myself I don’t program % too much for accessory work. It’s either in the 8-12 range or a couple sets of 3-5. If I progress weekly, that’s great. If it takes a couple weeks to move up, no problem either. As long as my main lift numbers are progressing.