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Lindsay Lohan's Trainer


Below is the website for Lindsay Lohan's "trainer" Justin Gelband. And here is the diet he's supposed to have put her on.

Breakfast-2/3 eggwhites and veggies and one banana

Lunch-3 slices of turkey, chicken or ham with lettuce and tomato

Snack-2 hard boiled whites OR one apple

Dinner-Salmon Fillet cooked with one tsp olive oil and one cup of vegetables

Snack-One frozen fruit bar

Note that I put trainer in quotes because anyone who had a clue wouldn't have designed a diet like this. The site has it phone number and e-mail address. Feel free to let e-mail him and let him know that she looks like shit, and he needs to encourage her to eat more and get some curves (especially boobs) back. Probably change her lifting too and add some of her lean muscle back.



The guy is a f-ing idiot.

Even I know it should be .9 banana.



First impression is that if someone slapped him he might cry. Hey...first impressions can be wrong...but.. yea that's mine.


For one meal, that diet looks pretty good.

2/3 eggwhites and veggies and one banana, 3 slices of turkey, chicken or ham with lettuce and tomato, 2 hard boiled whites OR one apple, Salmon Fillet cooked with one tsp olive oil and one cup of vegetables, One frozen fruit bar.


Sweet mother of God! No wonder she looks like skin hung on a coat rack. She used to be beautiful and curvy and feminine... now she looks like a blonde Skeletor.


Seriously. She was gorgeous before. I can't see that being more than 800 calories a day. Normally, I wouldn't give a shit and just shake my head. But I really might e-mail this guy. If the information is true, that's just horrible, horrible advice to give to a client. Especially someone in that walk of life where there is so much pressure to be thin.


His website looks like shit too. I have to wonder if soem "trainers" actually design bullshit diets like this one just because they know their clients are going to pack away the junk food, alcohol & drugs.


It's obvious the guy does not read T-Nation.


Ditto what ZEB said, and damn I think I saw this diet plan on Fit-TV yesterday when some "diet doctor" lady was talking about the Heart Disease Reversal diet by a Dr. Ornish.


"My most decorated one [feat] is to help people become someone they want to be, not one they wish or dream of being."



that statement is backwards as hell lol


From his site.

the 5 key components:
1.Proper food intake
3.Cardio- Exercise
4.Resistance Training
5.Personal assistance Throughout our training.

That just isn't right.


He looks woefully oestrogenic. Not to mention I just plain hate him for what he did to Lindsay


I don't know Zeb... Those ballet trained guys can kick like mules...


That is all APEX/NASM bullshit, it's all linked together. It's meant as a sales pitch to the average american citizen who doesn't realize that there is more to health than walking for 30 minutes a day.

That being said, I use that pitch with every client I see at the gym(of course each point gets explained in further detail) and if it gets people to realize they need to eat several meals a day, and get protein at every one, or that they need to throw some iron around to help get "toned", or that protein powder won't kill you, fine. If it convinces them to train with me so I can help and teach them even more, perfect.

As for him, maybe he's a tri-athlete, so being 250 pounds and benching a car isn't his thing. That doesn't mean he wouldn't know how to get somebody else to that point. I don't agree with what Lindsay Lohan has done to herslef, and I do think she was much more attractive when she had some curves, but his job was to get her to where she wanted to be, and he did it.

And, from the looks of that diet, he didn't do too bad. I know it's not what we "T-men" would eat, but it's a hell of a lot better than some other shit I hear Hollywood does in order to look like that.(I say this while recognizing there is a good chance drug abuse helps her look the way she does)

If it makes you feel better to bash this guy, go ahead, he won't read it anyway. But if you really think this guy is doing an injustice to his clients, take a step back and think where they would be without him. I think he's doing alright.


I take it back. He is obviously the best trainer there is because "he takes great pride in it".

It is easy to see why, because he is able to give 110 % which is a very rare ability.

I don't see how he could have possibly missed his calling as a stripper/gay gigolo.


Correct me if I'm wrong...but this not only happens to lindsay, it happens in every damn comercial gym...scrawny "certified" guy who knows nothing 'bout a decent lifestyle, let alone proper training & nutrition.

Honestly, it is very depressing to know that people are graduating in Universities(at least here) in PE degree and learning "outdated" BS and trends. The PE faculty is far from having any scientific formation...using outdated and overhyped books, faulty exercise information, treating irrational public domain information as facts.

I had to go thru 4 obligatory PE courses...and they're all crap, even the teachers don't know what their talking about.

My first teacher bashed me 'cause I weighted 185lbs, 6' by that time 12%BF...he said "I have 185lbs, but I'm 60 years old". Yeah great, he talked crap about me only because I was heaviest guy in my class!

Sadly, most people beleive in charts and fake studies...generally stating that less weight == more health, more situps == more abs, etc.


~ 150 cals

~ 75 cals?

~100 cals

~ 250 cals?

~ 100 cals
for a grand total of ~675 cals. shit haha

i was totally getting ready to make an argument that it WASNT this guys fault, it was the crack's, but that is ridiculous. that is maitenance calories for a FIFTY ONE POUND PERSON. ....unreal haha


Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discusss other people.

Have your fun privately insulting the individual. But when you want to make real progress, talk about what's wrong with his ideas, not with his person.

Privately wonder what the fuck is wrong with this and that guy - but publicly, if you want to credibly question an idea, criticize the idea and not the person.


I'd be more worried about his head coming off that pencil-thin neck.