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Lindow's Training Journal

been 2 day off since thursday.
I think I?m going to go out and practice soccer a bit later.

Here is what I usualy do per week :
week with mom :
-2 km to school
-2 km walking in school
-2 km home

-2 km to school
-2 km home

-2 km to school
-2 km walking in school
-2 km home

-2 km to school
-2 km home

-2 km to school
-2 km home

Medium intensity cardio / training :
Monday : Sports at school 50-60 min
thuseday : Sports at school 50-60 min
Wednesday : Sports at school 50-60 min

Med-high to high intensity :
-thuesday : soccer training 1h 15 min
-thursday : soccer training 1h 15 min
-friday : Soccer training 1h 15 min

Strenght training :
-high volume - monday
-med volume - thuseday
-low volume - wednesday
-bodyweight - sat or sunday

  • some extra soccer workouts that I do alone, 1-2 times / week

[quote]Lindow wrote:

Please tell me you aren’t from the US…

[quote]pja wrote:
Lindow wrote:

Please tell me you aren’t from the US…[/quote]

Usa , never. Sweden!

Cardio today :

Strenght training today :
-Barbell bicep curls, technique : siting, elbow against thigh. 9kg 4x5
-deadbug variaton 1:
15 on each leg
-single leg lowering
10 each leg
-30 x 2 (wohah, pain in shoulders all gone, dont want to push my self to test a max in pushups, but I feel like that my forearms is starting to cry at around 27:[) rest between : 1min 20 sec

that?s it, takeing it easy today.

I realise that if you want to do many pushups you?ll obvisouly shorten the ROM, when I?m training I?m going to about 90 degrees on the arms, by just going to about 60 degrees I bet I coud do louds more then weakly 30.

Sunday :

Monday :

-dodge ball

soccer training :
louds of crap, I?m to tierd to write the stuff down now. Just a note is that I got pretty sad for being powned by 1 year younger boys on this stuff :

run 60 m jog 180 m
run 120 m jog 120 m
run 180 m jog 60 m
run 240 m

Gah, so sad now, I?ll probably go and cry, can?t stand being 9th best out of 21. :’(

thuseday :

School :
-crap stuff, nothing worth writing about.

Soccer training :
-skiped due to sorness rank 3

Weight lifting :
4x6 20 kg barbell curl
3x10 20 kg behind head presses.
3x6 20 kg hang clean
3x2 35 kg hang clean

wednesday :
school :
-“BIG soccer” you play with a realy big ball. It was quite fun, Did my best.

Soccer training today, it?s a hell but I must skip it due to still haveing that sick soreness and that there is some problems in the famliy for the moment.
Might throw in some weight lifting later today.

Sorry for not writeing in 3 days.

Did some weight lifting rep stuff

barbell curls 20kg x 8
military press 20kg x 10
bent ower row 20 kg x 10
reverse curls 20 kg x 10
front squats 20 kg x 10

Did evrything realy slow so, 2-3 seconds down, 2-3 seconds up aswell.I did want to go to soccer training but I had to help my father since we?re going away for a trip tomorrow.

Yeah, that?s right. I will be gone from T-Nation for 5 days , no good food, not much food, I bet I?ll loose some weight. I?ll probably do alpine skiing the most of the whole days. I might drop some fat but I think my strenght will be unchanged.

Take care!

back home again.

Back for more training again. this week wasnt a total off week. Movieing snowriders for the arms and skiing for the legs. And I?ve got good news! I?m finaly able to get down on one armed push ups, not to far away from obtaining it!.

update on stats :
Weight : 75kg
Lenght : 184cm (Didnt know it myself, thought I was at 179)

in 4 months I?ve gone from 68 to 75 , I?m quite happy with the results and I?m thinking of starting to cut some now. well, not cut but dont eat any more snacks because it?s summer soon.

Training :
Nothing today since I have the first soccer match for the season tomorrow and I?m very tierd now.

okay, match just ended. It was a damn hell.

Result : they won , 5-0

I?m sad again, my endurance is to damn low. I coud only stand 7-8 minutes before haveing to change. It was all messy because they made me play at all places.I feelt heavy, to heavy. Lack of sleep or to much muscle mass to give energi to, you decide.

I feel sore around the knees and my foots is all sore.

I rate my self a 2 of 5 at this match because I can do so much more then that crap.

I?ll post a workout if I do one later.

Sports at school :
-dance 45 min
Ultra low intensity

Soccer training :
*90 mins

Warmup :
joging in a ring, passing the ball and changeing places , about 10 mins.
jog 160 m while doing warmup things, going down , jumping

Strenght stuff :
push ups 20x2
situps 30x2
I boosted it and made evrything at once, 40x1 push ups and 60x1 situps

4vs4 :
passing a ball and joging / running all most all the time , about 10 mins

Strenght stuff :
Jump squats 15x2
I did only 15 , I forgot the other set while chatting ;[

Atack training :
Involved much jogging and pretty much jogging. Passing , running , shoting and doing shots from the corner (“IN SHOUT? =D” 20 mins prob

You?ve seen this one before but it was bigger this time.
80 m run
240 m jog
160 m run
160 m jog
240 m run
80 m jog
320 m run

Running = 70-80% of full out rush
joging = 40-50 % of full out rush

This is the one I got super powned on last time, this time I was in the leading group untill my calves started to cramp abit, I stoped up for a moment and ran the last 320 m at about 85-90% full out rush

That?s it. I?ve probably fucked up about times but this is pretty much it if I didnt forget anything. And I got tricked that we shoud do 20x push ups and 30 x sit ups in the end but I boosted it again and did 40 push ups and 60 sit ups.

It feels like I?m getting in shape.

Got from the match and I was pretty un mobile untill I strated joging. It just shows that you shoud train when being abit sore. now time for some night food. I?ll probably go down to the field and do some liverpools for myself tomorrow

-crap dance

Thursdag :
soccer :
-Skiped and did endurance at the side since that?s my weak point, I talked to the trainer

warmup :
1600 m running, varying tempo , never over 70% and never below 50%

200 m 80%
Rest - strech - water

41 push ups
10 squats with 65 kg friend on back.

480 m 75%-80% run

Rest - playing with soccer balls

cordination work, basicaly small steps. Like you do with ladders.

40-50 m full out


60 push ups - 10 jump squats

water - play with balls

160 m fast speed - 40 x 4 no rest


500 m slow jog

Whatch the rest.

I have no clue if this is how you train for endurance but it feelt pretty good.

Friday :
-no training today, we?re going to sell “dirt” to get money to one god damn big soccer tournament for young people. Dana cup is the name

We?ve got a cup today. Reporting in the midle now.
playing on a gravel pitch
Match 1 :
1-3 lost.
Played pretty well but they where abit hotter then us. I was behind the 1-2 goal, pretty badly done of me. No inuries.

Match 2 :
2-1 won.
A fun match bud I spend the half of the time sitting on the bench. I first riped the leg when takeing away their goal keeper and then when I dribeled a guy who came with full speed and tryed to kick the ball, unfortanley he missed the ball and kicked on my leg instead, I?ve got to small leg protectors so it touched abow it. Hurting a bit but nothing broken or anything.

Anyway, time for food. got 2 matches more.

Whole cup is ended.

Match 3 :
1-1 against one of the better teams around the region we play in. pretty fun, I found a big guy that I wanted to compete with, in the end I won that duell :). we did have the ball the most

Match 4 :
2-2 against one of the bader teams.quite fun match but I cant belive that we didnt beat them by much more, we probably had the ball 75% of the time and they only 2 shots at our goal, but since our keeper is away, there was some other random guy standing in there.but, alot of fun.

the matches where only 20x2 , but what do you expect when there is only one pitch and 5 teams. oh, and if I didnt tell that I?m a back before, well, I am . =D

23rd was a off day.

Training today :
-soccer at a school , 90 minutes
-Moveing timber, 90 minutes
-trixing and practiceing dribling 40 minutes

-Weight lifting :
I?m on low rep, high volume stuff again.

4x4 Deadlifts (only 45 kg, forgot some weight at moms place, coud probably rep lots more, but this shoud be enough since my lower back got killed at timber moveing,

4x4 hang cleans 45kg, failed at last set last rep due to not enough energy.

Joging :
3 km
*1.5 km half slow
*1.5 km raising speed .

My endurance is definatley comeing back. I know that 3 km isnt a lot but there was never any problem and it was done pretty fast.

Now time for some night food and a cold - hot shower.

I didnt mention it before but this week I?m on a thing called prao ( basicaly practice ). On prao you?re testing a job. And I practice in a school for people that is 5-13 (first class - sixth class and a group for the youngest.)

Training today :
-Soccer with the kids 90 minutes

Soccer training :
-selling dirt.
(ran around for 3 hours and knocked on doors asking : do you want to buy mud)

Didnt get home untill 21:30 .

oh and diet :
Most of the food I eat is :

It?s more varied at school but I feel fine with the food abow. A breakfast coud consist of :

milk + cereals (0.4-0.5 L + 30g cereals)
0.3 - 0.7 L milk + choclate mix,
3-4 sandwishes ( , only butter on ;\ )
0.3 - 0.5 L Juice *( orang or aple )

clock is now 01:01 . Coudnt sleep due to that it?s very hot in my room ;\ . Bye untill next time =)

sorry for the inactivness but all the days was offdays , all I did was 120-240 mins of soccer /day.

Now some great news :
Today when we went to a store there was a bench my father saw, they sold it for 499kr (about 60 dollars?), he asked a guy in the shop where the other benches was, (the bench he saw was only a show example) but he told him that it was the only left. After that my father asked if he coud buy that one and we got it for about 20 dollars =D.

Tested bench but I coud only get 60kg now, I guese that it was 50 kg before because I surely was stronger now. but keep in mind that I?ve never benched before so dont laugh at the numbers since I?ll improve a great deal over the next 2 mounths before my birthday.
Well, I?ve benched but only once each third mount so expect big progress ! :C

Anyway, I?m starting west side for skinny bastards today.
/note means that there will be a note in the end

Start weight : 74.5kg
Modiefied WS4SB
Day 1 :
Exersice one - Bench press
Tempo - slow and controlled
Set one - 40kg 5 reps
Set two - 40kg 5 reps
Set three - 45kg 4reps /NOTE 1
Set four - 45kg 4reps /NOTE 1

Exersice two - Bent ower row
Tempo - Pretty fast and pretty controlled
Set one - 30kg 15 reps
Set two - 30kg 15 reps
Set three - 40kg 15 reps

Exersice three - Weightned pushups /NOTE 2
Set one - 10kg on upper back 10 reps
Set two - 0kg 30 reps /NOTE 3 xO

Exersice four - Weightned situps
Set one - 10 kg 30 reps
Set two - 0 kg 100 reps

NOTE 1 : Trained alone so I didnt dare to take more and the bench isnt so wide so there is like a hold for about 10-14 seconds in the end of each set so I think I?m fine anyway

Note 2 : I set the weight just below the head so there is some difrence.
push up = 60% of the weight lifted, If I remember correctly.
74 * 0.6 = 44.4 kg lifted
90 * 0.6 = 54.0 kg lifted
wiuth the weight on the head I woud guese like you lift like 90% on that weight. which woud mean :
44.4 kg + 9 = 53.4 kg
53.4 * 1.6 = 85.44 kg.

Which woud mean that I do pushups as if I woud weight 85 kg. My math coud be wrong.

Note 3 :
Pretty damn tierd on that set, coud only manage 30 reps which is nothing.

Come on , someone say something ,

Rest day.

bench press 20 kg.
20+ x 3 variying grips.
Trixing and dribling - about 80-100 minutes.

Rep day tomorrrow

that wasnt any fun. I cant do evrything in any article since I dont have the equipment so I?ll stick with my own stuff for some longer, go ahead and tell me if I?m doing something that is totaly fucked up, but here it is :

Monday :
Bench press 70-80% of 1RM
Bicep barbell curl 10RM
Hang clean 80% of 1RM
Ab exercise
Push ups to failure

Thursday :
Soccer training
Sports at school

Wednesday :
Deadlift 100% of weights at home 72kg (60-70% of 1 RM maybe)
Pull ups / chin ups
Dont know how much I can do but I?ll start with going close to failure.
push press (leg helping) 70-80% of 1RM
Ab exercise
Push ups, 80% of max reps

Sports at school
Thursday :
Soccer training
Posture work

Friday :
bench press 50% of 1 rm
upright rows 50% of 1 rm (not that I?ve maxed it)

Saturday :
rest or soccer match

Sunday :
Grip work

Pinch weights between fingers
reverse curls
Abs exersice
Posture work

I think that my recovery ability is just abow average and I?m takeing concentration showers evryday and I?m pretty used on doing alot of stuff so I think I shoud be fine, anything wrong with that plan expect that I dont have anything for the deltoids?
I?m training them when I?m boored about one set each day of low volume.

Monday :
Bench press 45 kg
Set 1 : 5 reps Slow and easy
Set 2 : 5 reps Slow and easy
Set 3 : 5 reps Slow and easy
Set 4 : 5 reps Slow and easy

Bicep barbell curl 20 kg
Set 1 : 7 reps slow and TO easy
set 2 : 7 reps fast and TO easy
set 3 : 7 reps fast and TO easy
set 4 : 7 reps slow and TO easy

Hang clean 45 kg
set 1 : 3 reps fast TO EASY
set 2 : 3 reps 50kg easy
set 3 : 3 reps 55kg med easy

set 1 : 100 reps
set 2 : 100 reps

Comments :

Omg, this as the funniest workout I?ve ever done, all of them is my faviourites, I just hope that I wont kill my self with the training . And the funny thing is, I already notice that it?s much easier to bench now. At saturday I lift mostly of the weight with my right arm , my left arm was kinda slaking off so I coudnt get more then 60, I bet I coud get to 65 already with this much more technique, I?m quite eager to see the results in 2 months.

The bicep curls was also pretty damn much easier then the last time I did them, I?ll boost the weight to about 25kg next time, perhaps even 30kg.

Next suprise,hang cleans was also much easier, I?m going to try a new max soon, I think I?m able to get atleast 65 kg now, I?m hopeing that I can get a bodyweight clean untill my birthday.

Situps, these are pretty strange. my stomach isnt getting to much of a beating but my throat is kinda dieing, why ?.

Push ups : To sore, I dont like doing push ups while I?m sore.

I woud like to say thanks to evryone on T-Nation, for all the inspiration I get here, for all the humour and for most , all the great information. I feel better then ever, lighter and more powerfull. I?m just pure happy.

2 may :
Off day, wasnt any training either.

sports at school :
Running after a map, dont know the namn ie englih :smiley:

anyway, 4.5 km in 25mins with 30% wood. Competed with the 2 most endured guys in my class, perhaps in the whole schoo, I did well but they are still abow me in terms of endurance.

3 may :

Running after map again .
3 km today only, played around with my friends, they wherent to great so I did rushes and then I joged back to them to get something out of the training.

Strenght training :
chins 3x3, sitting on knees , NOTE1
Dead lifts 63 kg 2x5

Push press 50 kg 3x1 NOTE2

Bench press (<3) 50 kg
set 1 : 50 kg, 4 reps
set 2 : 62 kg, miss
set 3 : 62 kg, miss (father lifted it abit so I failed.)
set 4 : 62 kg, miss

Gaha, massive misses, pretty sad now.
My numbers is pathetic, I just plain suck.going to work even harder now and eat even more and start takeing creatine prob.