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Lindow's Training Journal


Hello, Brendan here on the forum inspired me of doing this , I?ll post my workouts here , stats, goals etc.

I?ve trained for 3 mounths now
Age : 14.5
Lenght : 1.79cm (5.8)
Weight : 70kg (154.3)
been sick so I lost 2 kgs, I bet they?ll come back =)
-62 kg in weights
-Betongbag, 10kg
-Step up to door
-10 kg barbell
-1 kg dumbells
(Yes, I can set weights to the barbell and the dumbells)

Maxes :
I dont max alot , I?m training in a full packed garrage, I havent got a bench so I cant bench press besides the times I get to follow my father to his job gym.but here is some :
deadlift - 72kg (Cant do more at home(:
snatch(to shoulders) - 61.5kg
bent over row - the highest I?ve tested is 50 kg
upright row - same as bent over.
squat - Body weight
Bench - 60 If I Remember correctly(3 mounths ago)
military press - 50 kg
dumbell snatch - 20 kg , I bet I can handle atleast 30-35 kg , just tryed it once.
Small and bad but it?s a start =)

My form is terible, my technique is terrible, so that is my goal now, to improve my technique ALOT. And to get to 70 kg on the snatch ( to the shoulders) at the 4th mounth of training.

Training of the day : Random
13:00 - snatch 55 kg (pr)
18:30 - snatch 61.5kg (pr)
22:00 - 22:15 - 3 sets of circuit training. 22kg barbell . 8 bent over rows, 8 upright rows, snatch, 8 over head presses.
22:15-22:24 - 5 sets of 5 upright rows - 40kg
22:24-22:30 5 sets of 5 bent over rows - 40kg
22:30-22:35 push ups with 10kg 10x2
22:35-22:38 20x2 body weight squats
22:38-22:44 - 10x2 push ups against a door opening (on the ground, 40 cm up.

Rateing : Realy fun day today =)

I?m thinking of starting on a training program soon but it?s hard since I cant go to gym.

Photos is comeing later, when I can borrow my fathers cam, I?ll take photos on maxes later to.

This is all for today, there will probably be more tomorrow :slight_smile:


You can do much with the little you have.

Focus on increasing strength on basic movements,and increase your food intake gradually.


At that young of an age I wouldn't worry about maxing out for a couple of years yet. Just increase gradually and work on form.


I?ll write the training from yesterday :

Snow rider trip, killed my arms to sit in the back when going from 40-90kmh in 4 hours.

Tree climbing - Climbed some trees with "pull up" effect.

Hand walking - Tryed to walk on hand on the ice.

Lifting a toboggan for about 20 meters, (with help on the other side)

Barbell bicep curls - arodun 15-17kg
bent over row - 8 fast at 15-17 kg x4
Upright row - 8 fast at 15-17kg x4
Push upsh against door opening (30-40 cm up) 10x3

Bodyweight squats - 20x2 bodyweight

I?m not avoiding to do maxes, but I just cant. I mean, the space I job in is damn small. 2x2 meter perhaps. maybe 2x3 meters.

And todays work :
Sports at school
-some running (warm up)
-hand ball (30-40min)
-throwig balls (5 min)

I?m thinking about doing some cardio, my arms / upper back is sore today so I?ll take one day off from lifting.


sorry, I got the thing wrong on the dont worry about doing maxes yet.

I like to do maxes, that?s why I do them , I like to train , that?s why I train =)


Work Today so far :
- sports at school.
-running (warmup 5-10min)
-basketball (40-50 mins)

We made louds of exercies before we started doing matches.

made some extra push ups, some running and some light gymnastics.

I?ll see if I can train later today , untill then, bye =)


I made a small workout, just a small because I?m going to jump in the city tomorrow =).

-The hangclean to shoulders
-5x 20 kg
-3x 40 kg
-1x 45 kg
-1x 52 kg

military press
-3x 20 kg
-2x 40 kg
-1x 45 kg
-1x 52 kg (PR)

A pic on the last military press will come tomorrow or the day after =)

body weight squats


Hey man, That's great. I think we need my journals around here. I'l be sure to check up on you every now and then.

I assume you train at school since you said you can't go to a gym. Are you following a porgram provided for you by a sports program or something.

Don't worry about maxes right now. Form is king. Work on the and the poundage will come and FAST - without injury.

Oh yeah, eat whales for protein, trees for carbs and the average american for fats. That should cover the nutrition.


I?m actualy training in a very small garage.I?m trying to eat as much as possible and some apples evry day.
And I?m not folowing any training program at the moment , I know that I shoud and I?ll probably start on total body training.

Work today:
Sports at school
-warmup(running 5-10 min)
-basketball (30-40 min)
-some hand flips

Climbing / jumping at the city
-3-4 hours with :
-pull up action
-dips action
-some sort of body action
-grip strenght

That?s it for today

Oh, quite sore today, I?m sore at muscles I didnt even knew I had, <3 climbing.

Going for a soccer training later today, I?ll post about it later.


Posting yesterdays training :
Warmup : joging 500-600 m
some streching
60 m with ball x5 joging
60m with ball x5 sprint
My training partner = 67kg
Squats with a friend on x15
The "wife lift", like you hold girls and walk with them =) . 20m x4 fast tempo
running with a friend on back 20m x4
push ups x20
joging 240m
Evrything done without rest.
speed drils 60 m with ball x4 times
some light rest.
Technique training with ball
Squats with a friend on x15
The "wife lift", like you hold girls and walk with them =) . 20m x4 fast tempo.
120m full out x3 (rest 50 sek)
soccer match, (10min 4 vs 4)

Seriously, this was scary, sore over the whole body and then do this, bleh.
Was about to puke on the last sprints, but it was fun.

Work out today :
I?ll probably skip this and rest for 3 days, dont want to go get to sore.
I?ll probably do some running.


Tested a squat today, 2 of my friends on back (65 + 60 = 120kg) Feelt pretty easy, dont know if it?s easier or thougher then "real squats" I went to about 95 degrees.


some questions I have :

-Climb up vs Pull up
Is the climb up greater then the pull up? If you think about it , all you do on a pull up is this :

Pull up
Drag your self up (head level)

Climb up
Drag your self (head level)
change grip (maybe)
get over head and pull more

--------- leg over
|almost up
|drag some further
|Pull up ends here

Gymnastik moves.

How well does handstands give strenght?
I asume that you can raise your wrist strenght quite abit if you have a weak wrist.Stabilisise shoulders?

Handstand pushups
stablisise elbow joint? Strenght?


I?ve rested the whole weak untill today when I did some repetition work.

Today :
-3x10 standing barbell curl
-3x10 reverse military presses
super setted.

dumbell flyes 3x10
tricep pull ups ? 3x5


I?ll post my reasons for training now since I forgot them before :\ .
-look better untill summer =)
-Get stronger, much stronger
-Not get to big, which I wont
-Get unbeatable endurance
-Raise my speed louds.

To sum evrything down, I want to get best at soccer this year. There?s always been a guy who evryone looks up to, evryone thinks he?s best and his atitude isnt the best. I?ll grab that position and I?ll tell them all that one person doesnt make a team, but I need your help for that.

Special training for speed?
That?s all I need for the moment, Aiming for top speed!.


Sounds like a respectable goal. You should ask one of the coach's in the locker room which program you should try. Granted, if your goal is to be the best you can be at soccer most of your training should revolve around speed, technique, lateral movement etc.

I actually used to play soccer. :slight_smile:


thanks for the tips . I?m thinking about walking around kicking a boll all the time shoud make me abit better, I guese it woud lucky funny but what don?t you do to be good :slight_smile: .
Also, which of the choaches shoud I ask ? It woud look dumb if I asked evrywhere and I dont want to ask someone that just knows about lifting weights =)


sunday :
-Workout free day, some light training before sleep.

-20 push ups x2
-20 wide push ups x
-situps, 100x3
-supermans 10x2
-bodyweight squats 20x1
-L seats x 20x1

Monday :
-sports at school
-5-10 min playing around , mostly walking on hands
-15 min handball, playing all the time, running goalkeeper :wink:
-15 min dodgeball (run from one side of a room (place) to get a ball in the midle and throw balls at the enimies.
-about 10 min soccer.

Played around most today, wasnt as focused as I usualy is. expect in the end of dodge ball. I thought, I cant loose to pleople like this, no matter what and runned at got the ball, not smart , a old wound on the big toe opened up again and I can barely walk.

I got the wound for about 14 mounts ago, it didnt realy heal yet, dont know why.

we had some kind of athletic contest in my class. as usual, I didnt use shoes. running 60 m x3 times full out on a street killed my toes. I just had some problem walking correctly at the begining and it disepeared some fast, but it never healed completle.

Why woud a wound that old open with just one serious sprint whitout shoes ?

-Soccer training
-skiping it today.

-Weight lifting
*barbell Bicep curls 3x10 18 kg, (increase 80% since last rep work)
*military press 3x10 18 kg (reverse grip)
-bent over rows. 20x3 18kg

Continueing with the rep stuff, it worked good for me before and I?ve been on a 10x3 5x5 rep stuff to already so it?s time to change back. Dont worry, I wont overtrain =).


Sports at school :
-40 min badminton
-10 min walking around on hands.

Weight lifting :
-barbell bicep curls 23 kg 3x5
-military press : 30kg 3x5
I?ll call that a today, feeling that my strenght is going down a bit, so I?ll rest from strenght training , I still have soccer training tomorrow and on friday and I be there will be some muscle training so I cant go harder then that . I?m thinking of going out to do some sidestep training, distance running.


did some soccer training with myself.
outside temp -2 celsius

The soccer court was all snowy and abit muddy so that made it abit harder.

anyway, here it is :
-running about 900 m with ball
-push ups x30
-"up jumps" as a full squat to the ground but you jump evrything you can on the way up and strech out your enitre body, x20
-situps x50
-walk 60 m
-full out run 60 m
-walk 60 m
-full out run 60 m
-walk 60 m
-full out run 60 m
-walk 60 m
-full out run 60 m
-walk 60 m
-full out run 60 m
run with ball 240 m
walk with ball 300 m

Didnt do anybreaks, the only rest i got was the walking.

I?m already feeling my endurance comeing back =)


I would ask Chad Waterbury or Mike Robertson for sports training.


thanks, I asked Waterbury.

training today

-10 mins of playing around on hands

-technique training wich contains small sprints 10-15 min
-joging 240 m with ball
-streches , water drinking , rest 3-5 min
-5vs5 pass play, 15min x 2
-strenght training stuff x5
(small fast steps 20, 5 "up jumps" small fast fast steps 10 , 10 backwards, frog jumps x4 60-70% sprint 70 m, rest 1 min then repeat
-corner training, hiting ball to goal and nicks.
-match play , about 10 mins

Feels good, already feeling how much a fast take off woud do for me, I?m already pretty good at it, but not close to what I know you can do, I mean, step step and the guy is gone, gotta train that.