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Lindow - Help !


Hi, my name is Christoffer and I?m 14 years old.I know that some people say that it is?nt good to start lifting when you?re young but I?ve done some digging around and the opinions is spread.My father started to train at this age aswell and evrything seemes to be alright with him.here is my stats :

Weight : 160lbs
Height : 5.84 foot
Bench : 132.28lbs

That?s all I?ve tested at the time I?m writeing this.I?ve recently started with strenght training, I?ve done some light training before with my father to get the right form and so on.My first problem is that my right arm is verry much stronger then my left, but I can train with the same weights but I?ve to raise my wrist strenght on my left hand, have anyone got any tips / exercies?.My next problem is a weak chest. I?m curently training at home so I cant do bench press, I do push ups but I need some variation in my training.

Very happy for replies and I?m sorry for my spelling, I?m not english =)


I?ll add some more info, goals and stuff.

Goal 1 : 180 lbs 1 march
Goal 2 : 200 lbs bench press 1 april
goal 3 : To get stronger then some of my mates.
Goal 4 : To get stronger then my dad.

my weakness is that I?m not the best eater around but I have good genetics.

I was actualy pretty weak before I started training , I coud do 5 push ups, yeah I know it sucks.but evry day I tryed to do more and more all the time and I can do 50 whitout a problem now.I have one barbell and 2 dumbells that can be adjusted to up to 158 lbs.

Sometimes I go to my dads works gym, at that place I usualy train triceps , biceps and the chest.

so what?s the best way to train the wrist? extensions or snatches ?


I did not see you mention it, so I'm going to assume that you don't train your lower body. This seems to be the norm for new trainees, and I myself did not train my legs seriously for the first year or so of training. Do not forget this part, you will kick yourself later if you do.



You need to learn basic compound lifts:

  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Power Clean
  • Military Press
  • Bench Press
  • Barbell Rows
  • Chin-ups

You need to learn proper form on these movements and then do routines which involve doing them at least twice a week. You don't have to try and learn everything at once, but eventually, you have to be doing them all.

Forget about muscle mags and TV commercials. Forget about what everyone else in your gym is doing.

Here is a good begginer material by Dan John:



So, you would like to add 50lbs on your bench in 3 months and then another 20lbs in a month. That ain't gonna happen.

If you start right, learn proper form on basic movements and work consistently, you will eventually be much stronger than many of your mates and your dad. But that will not happen in 3-4 months, and especially without a solid routine.

Read the Dan John link and stick to the first program outlined.


I do train my legs. I do front squat, not want to try back squat yet and I run sometimes.I wont change my goals because I know how much I?ve improved in such a small time , I know that it will be slower later but I belive in my self which is the most important thing.
I can?t do all of these lifts yet, thanks for the pointer.

I woud also ask for a training program that alows me to train many days a weak, my problem is not to train , my problem is to stop to train , I love it :). and as far as it seems now my body seems to be okay with got improvement. thank to all who replied =)


slotan , the problem is that they?re already stronger then me and they are older and go to gym :). I didnt mention it but I realy hate to loose / make my self dissepointed, so even if I wont acomplish the goal I?ll get angry and train even more seriously = better resuluts hopefully.


I don't see why you can't add 50 pounds to your bench in 3 months, considering I'm also a beginner (6 months in) and in the last 5 weeks I've added 22 pounds to my bench.


You're young and have plenty of time to improve. I know you would like to gain strenght and mass instantly, but the fact is that there are no magic shortcuts.

Recently I posted some routines that I think are ideal for begginers. Here:


A very simple setup of 2 different days, done 3x a week, which has been around forever. On rest of the days, go and do some sports - just enjoy yourself.

After those, you'll be an ideal candidate for some of the Chad Waterbury's programs, like ABBH and TBT.

I still think you should set up more realistic goals. Consistency is the name of this game, and you have to pay your dues. Getting yourself physched every workout is not something you need to do at 14 years young. It may very well be completely detrimental to your progress. Just go lift and enjoy.

Be glad that you came to the right place from the start, and that you won't spend 1-10 years doing stupid magazine crap, like many of us.


You most probably won't be able to keep that rate of progress. I, of course, wish you the very best and hope you will continue to improve... but things get a bit harder after a few first months.


Thanks - I definitely agree with you on that.

Lets just hope it continues like this for a few more months...


Big thanks to you slotan, I?ll take it more easy but I?ll ad more things to do instead, I?ll start skiing again and just go fullout, I love the burning efect =) . I?ll continue seting up goals in this thread and write down how I?m developing :slightly_smiling:


I have drained pretty randomly , training all muscle groups a day after feeling , if I have pain at one part then I go easier on that point but I?ve changed my mind.I?ll start doing cws ABBH 1


ABBH 1 is a very good choice. However, the total volume may be a bit more then you can handle. Just to be safe, start with somewhat less weight than you think you can handle.

For instance, you think you can Bench 100lbs for 10x3. Then use 90lbs for the first workout, since you're young and new to that type of training.


I dont use the weights that is listed in training programs, I use the weights that feels confortable to me if I dont want to test anything out =)