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Lincoln, Best President Ever!?!


Lets hear it for Lincoln!

Not only did he free the slaves, well, at least those in the territories he did not control, he also allowed to die hundreds of thousands of people to die for their fatherland for a cause that was advanced by merely passing laws by lesser nations and we all know, dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

He also was not impressed by the rabbles squabbling, after all he was a war time president and even imprisoned dissenting congressmen and journalists who questioned his divinily ordained power.

Yet, best of all, he favored a trade policy that would have heavily taxed products that could have been produced in America and therefore put Americans first!

I think it is only fitting that this man has a monument modelled after Jupiter the Greatest, after all, would anything less than deification have come close to honoring his accomplishments?


Well he did fight the flawed federal reserve... Of course like a zombie it comes back. Some speculate that might have been the event triggering his death... It's not wise to fuck with the people that control the money..


My God! Someone has actually posted a response to this drivel.

Orion said:

'You know why people still think it's funny to call me Navajo Joe don't you?'

  • No. Pray tell.


I wonder who the next president will be that will have a temple built in his honor.


If he manages to tank the US economy for 15 years and maybe starts another war he is practically bound to be deified.

In fact, I am more than willing throw some money that way.

Dead srs.

We should really, absolutely, positively have more monuments to celebrate stupidity



What is wrong with you, you unpatriotic cunt!?!

Lincoln was a god amongst men, if not the second coming of the messiah, send to set his people free.

Of course, he failed to lead them to the promised land, i.e. Liberia, but a bullet to the head will do that to you.

Also, I no longer wonder, I think those are allusions to my savage and fierce virility so as to not appear completely gay when they get all hot and bothered.