Limping around for 4 days

After an intense leg workout, I’m pretty soar throughout my quads/hams/glutes. I can work my legs out on Mon and still be soar until Thur. This sounds like I’m over training. I kept it under 22 sets total and the exercises usually are str leg deadlifts, front squat, barbell lunges, leg presses. I mix them up often and every other week rotate in some Russian deadlifts or back squat. I’m 27yrs my reps usually are around 6-9 and I have been doing this leg routine for more than 8weeks so I should be use to the heavy compound movements. Is it normal to be soar for more than 3day?


Doing quad-dom and hip-dom workouts a la Ian King should fix that problem. Also remember that recovery has a lot to do with diet. Surge for example helps alot with recovery and soreness is less. BTW, don’t write “soar”, people will think you’re flying through the air! :0)

I will start splitting the leg days then. ??“Soar”?? man, I need to go back to skool.:slight_smile:


Bernie, Bernie, Bernie… Unless you’re training with LOW INTENSITY or
you’re on GEAR, that’s just TOO MUCH! Now, I love the combination
of FRONT SQUATS with STIFF-LEGGED DEADLIFTS; you cover a lot of
ground! Here is a sample workout I used 2 months ago: 1 moderate set of
LEG EXTS. (10-12 reps); 1 moderate set of LEG CURLS (10-12 reps);
FRONT SQUATS: 2 warm-up sets, then 4 work sets of 6 reps with 2-3
minutes rest between sets… STIFF-LEGGED DEADLIFTS: 2 warm-up sets,
then 3 work sets of 8 reps with 2 minutes rest between sets. One or 2
finisher sets of either LUNGES or LEG PRESSES (12-15 reps.) I finished
with some calf work.

TRUST ME ON THIS! Joey Z ::::----::::