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Limp Noodle & No Finish: Tren to Blame?


I'm testing a dosing of around 150mg Test + 100mg Masteron + 400mg Tren a week (in 2 shots). All long esters. Have been on this almost 3 weeks now. On the classic 1+1+1 of these three, my libido is often off the charts, and this last time (the 4 weeks before I was on that protocol) had been even more so. BTW I use a small dose of Arimidex throughout.

I decided to cut more fat, and had read how some guys here say that high Tren + low Test gives good results with few of the nasty sides usually linked to high Tren. I added a little Masteron in there as it is the ultimate sexual booster IMO.

OK, now to my point. Just yesterday I had 2 "sessions" with no issues whatsoever. But today I was with this amazingly sexy girl and certainly one with the highest sex drive ever. A good find :slightly_smiling: It all started well for a good while, but then I just "lost power". Limp noodle. Girl had been pleased so far and was accommodating, so we took an hour break watching dumb things together and then had another go at it. Again it started well and lasted a while, but I didn't feel 100% and just couldn't finish! And basically lost interest for a lack of better explanation. Wow. That never happened.

I feel weird writing this but I'm sure some of you can guide me. Since going "high Tren" (I know 400mg is not much for some of you), my libido had gone from gigantic to very very high, so I suspect it's that. My envisioned solution, to get some of my ego back, is to jump up the Test and Masteron for at least a week and see how that goes, and go do the dance again with the same partner - as I've got something to prove :slightly_smiling:

Any advice appreciated. Thanks


Sounds like textbook high prolactin.


So you're suggesting Cabergoline or are there other ways too?


If youve run all of these drugs before with sucess and know for certain that the stuff you have now is authentic I wouldnt even bother with cabergoline. I'd just go back to what's worked in the past.

It COULD be high prolactin, but it's not a guarantee.

The big issue here is that you are using a long ester of tren, and if it IS high prolactin, simply dropping the dose of tren may not have a noticeable effect for some time.


I sometimes get heavy night sweats at the end of Tren E cycles, strangely pretty much around the time I'm about to stop, and they last 7-10 days after the last shot. Like you say, levels won't go down in a blink.

IIRC, Bill Roberts is not convinced for the Caber (I'm not 100% sure though), but many seem to be. I'm not in the US so I don't know where to get some anyway for now though I'm sure I could find out.

I might try Vitex and L-Tyrosine in the mean time - both are supposed to lower prolactin levels naturally though I wonder by how much.

I wonder too how Arimidex and E levels play in the overall picture. My dose is fairly low, so I could go off it or raise it and see how that goes. Without blood tests which are tough to get here, I have to go by feel.

This morning I felt like I could have made a hole in a concrete wall, but it's not an all-the-time feeling and of course I need to peak for the right times :slightly_smiling:


The Vitex and L-tyrosine will not do much to lower prolactin enough.
I am convinced that tren/(deca?) will elevate prolactin as I have before and after blood test results. However I cant say for 100% that it was indeed tren that caused my elevated prolactin as my tren could have been deca.
I would get some caber but run it very low dose because it usually makes you feel like shit which will also mean you will have no libido, ive been there.


Cialis + Fake the O. As far as she's concerned you're sexual Superman. J/k lol

Seriously though, I found hydration to be a huge issue on Tren. I was simply sweating so much that I couldn't keep it up or orgasm. Down a litre of water Pre-Workout (seewhatididthere) and you should be back to form.

Cheers and good luck,


Tonight I was in fine form but couldn't reach climax without wacking myself for a while. I mean I pride myself on my endurance but I don't want to bore myself (!). And I wasn't into this girl - I kept thinking of the hottie I met the day before.

Hydration is definitely an issue on Tren. Trouble is all that water induces the need to piss which is not exactly a mood enhancer. Lately, my piss has taken a dark orange taint which is certainly not a good sign. BTW where else but in a web forum can we talk about all this :slight_smile:

Damn. I pretty much love Tren. In fact, I don't feel really "on cycle" without it, but this is a nasty issue as far as I'm concerned.


I've read a lot of discussions about Tren lowering T3/T4 levels, and that many users take 25mcg of T3 daily along with Tren. Lower thyroid levels is linked to high prolactin so it should help there. I have felt cold a lot these past months (even before going on cycle) so it's another sign.

I had bought liquid T3 at least a year ago but never taken much, as the fear of lasting consequences made me really reluctant to go that route. I know liquid T3 supposedly degrades very fast so it might be useless but I'll take some and see if it helps. I'll also stop taking Tren (but not AAS) for a week and see how that goes, and take it again just to see how it affects me. I understand with long esters it's much harder to gage, but it's worth a shot IMO.


are you going to up your test and mast dose then?


Yes. That's the plan.

If I feel good, then go back with the Tren and feel bad again, I'll continue with Test+Mast for a few weeks, that do a "stasis" with 50mg of Test and 50mg of Mast weekly for 5-6 weeks, then go off. If I feel good back on Tren, then I'll try to really cut the fat in the weeks I'll be on it.


OK. I had my "second session" with the hot nymphomaniac yesterday. I had stopped Tren E for a little more than a week, have upped Test and Masteron, have taken some liquid UG T3 (though it might not be working anymore), Vitex daily, and some Cialis. I was hard but again couldn't finish. Damn it looks - and feels - bad. In fact, in my last sex sessions, I had to help myself, and while I did finish, I can't say I had an orgasm(!).

I hope this side effect goes away fast on its own. In the mean time, I've read about L-Dopa (Mucuna pruriens). Caber has many detractors but some say it helps exactly for what I have. Any thoughts?


I'm just going to throw in my experience to back you up. I just started another thread with the same problem...exactly the same. I'm on Test Prop/Masteron/Anavar. Girls satisfied, and me not so much. I'm also sweating like a pig and nipples are a little sore, but no signs of gyno. I just got Rx for bromocriptine and will try that for a week and let you know how that goes


Yes I read and posted on your thread. I thought that by stopping the Tren yet keep the cycle going with Mast+Test it would come back to normal, but then you have the same issues with these two alone...

I finally came without "self help" today but I don't feel over this issue just yet. Let's just say my GF had to work extra hard for it. Lasting power is quite amazing though but I need to finish things when I feel the time is right :slight_smile:

Do tell about the bromocriptine. I'll try to get my hands on some Mucuna pruriens.


Sounds like you are meeting random girls and banging them quite often lol.

Have you considered cialis? It is most definitely linked to trenbolone, but it still seems add you cannot orgasm.....

At least with the cialis you will rock-hard and confident.

Meeting a sex addict female --- what a gold mine for a hormonally enhanced male -- WOW.



I did add Cialis. My main issue is the "no finish". And yes, I have been on a rampage lately, but I need to calm down :slightly_smiling:

Sex addict female has sadly seen me not perform two times in a row so I don't know if I'll get a third try though it does sound likely. She makes herself available only once a week so the gold mine is not that plentiful.

docscott358's story is scary to me as it happened to him as well but withOUT Tren. I thought that Tren or Deca had to be in the mix for those issues to come up. I do use peptides and maybe they contribute to the issue as well, though Ipamorelin is not supposed to cause prolactin levels to rise.


He's right. Tren and deca certainly aren't the only steroids that can lead to increased levels of prolactin.

That said, Bonez also had it right earlier in the thread. It's very hard to pinpoint the cause of these things, particularly without even getting bloodwork done (E2, PRL for starters, maybe T3 though personally I've never found my T3 to be off, even in the midst of some pretty ridiculous tren cycles, but I suppose we're all different).

For example, it could be virtually the complete opposite of what you imagine. Steroids such as plain old testosterone can bump up dopamine levels. This elevated dopamine can lower norepi levels. NE is normally a trigger for orgasm...so lowered NE means more difficulty finishing. So if this happens to be the case, caber sure isn't going to help. (Btw, mucuna pruriens, which you also mentioned, is good stuff, generally speaking. Like caber, it won't help if your dopamine happens to be high already, but if you get a good preparation you'll definitely reap its benefits in other situations.)

Good luck. It's a bummer for sure; I've definitely had times when sex lasted far longer than necessary while on cycle. It's all good up to a point, but then it's just a pain in the ass.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah it could be many things but I'll go the prolactin route as the likely culprit and as the first thing to go after. Mucuna pruriens is easy to get in the US, but not so much here. I finally found some powder but I hope it's exactly what I want. Worth a try for sure as it's very affordable and could do the trick.

I do plan in the future when the money is right to get (private) blood tests done. As it stands now, with our free health care system, good luck finding a doctor first of all, and let alone one that will do the blood tests I ask for. It's ridiculous to be honest.

I'll probably go off cycle soon so it should help, though for the first time since I've gone the AAS route I admit I don't really want to go off. I just recovered from injuries and could train all out and would have to tone it down now... arggh. And my "new women" pretty much came with the improved physique. That's what they were looking for...

I had planned this to be my last true off cycle, and then go the TRT/Blast route as I'm at the age most athletes have retired, and already had my kids. To me, sane AAS use meant an amazingly improved quality of life. With these issues, it's a setback. I sure hope I can find a way around it.


Hey, I thought I'd give a little update. I tried bromocriptine, which seemed to help. I also used both Cialis and Viagra. Viagra is amazing, but that's another thread. But I still had a problem "finishing". I then tried increasing test p. this also helped some but I still felt I wasn't "finishing" and still felt weird.

So I started thinking. I wasn't taking an AI because I had read that Masteron had AI effects and you "may" not need to add an AI. Well, I tried 0.5 mg Arimidex and PRESTO!! Problem solved. So I think my problem was estradiol and no so much prolactin. I also learned that I need an AI through the next cycle


In attempts to not start a new thread, SWD can you update me with your experience with this?
Did you find a cure to your no finish problem?

Docscott358 sorted it with adex but he was not running Tren.