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Limits to Protein and Fat


I am interested to know what the limits are(if any) to the consumption of protein/fat at (1) a given meal and (2)within a 24-hr. period. I had been practicing the standard bodybuilding lifestyle of multiple meals per day (never exceeding 50 grams of protein per meal) but have recently changed my diet practices to 3 meals per day at 1100 kcal. per meal and 70 grams of protein per meal, the remainder being fat(I am following a non-cyclical keto diet with vegetables as my only carb source).

So far it is going smoothly but I am wondering if there could be more protein /fat assimilated at a given time to up the calories and mass? The reason I have taken this approach to dieting comes from reading Mr.Berkan's "leangains" site and Thibaudeau's "feast" article on T-Nation. Would anyone know what the limits are?

Obviously the digestive system can handle only so much as it must process the food and this would prescribe limits. My concern is maintaining my current body composition and energy levels, ideally increasing energy and mass. Here is my current diet plan:
Breakfast(post-training with weights and 35 minutes walk)
6 boiled eggs
70 grams butter
1 can tuna
1 cup beef broth
spices(cayenne, paprika, turmeric, ginger, basil, oregano)
Vitamin C tablet(500 mg.)
Vitamin D3 tablet(800mg.)
1 eggshell

10 oz. meat(beef/organ= 500 kcal.)
1 oz. gelatin
70 grams butter(or = in shredded coconut)
spices(same as about minus cayenne)
red cabbage

repeat meal 2 with variations in spices/herbs/meat/fat source(usually MCT-dominant)

I estimate I am getting approx. 180+ grams of protein per day. Each meal is seperated by a 6 hour interval and the first and last by 12. Hypothesis: what if I were to up the protein to 100 grams? can this be assimilated? More? According to LeanGains protein takes approx. 6 -8 hours for assimilation. Maybe the busy man should limit the meals to 2 per day? Has anyone done any in depth research or know of any useful sources on this topic?


I think you may be overthinking this, or at least really majoring in the minor here. A few things:

Those limits are based on rate equations, aka X amount of substrate per minute. Unless you define time then we cannot even begin to discuss upper amounts. If time is set at 24 hours, you are no where near the limits of uptake.

Have you tried eating more and seeing how it affects your body?

Yes, overthinking it IMO. I am utterly confused as to why you are wondering if you are near limitations on nutrient uptake on protein, then you decide to only have 2 meals a day since 'assimilation takes 6-8 hours'?

Honest question, have you any prior research experience done on the intestines and stomach or are you just rehashing what other people have said and are working the numbers in an illogical fashion?


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Hence the beauty of asking clarifying questions and leads, it takes no effort for me to ask him to clarify his stance and trolls won't responsd. No strain unto me.


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