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Limits on Thermogenic Use


Thermogenics: How much is too much? Have there been any longitudinal studies on their effects on the endocrine system with long-term moderate use? The reason I ask: I'm dieting soon and am debating whether or not to use them. I've never tried dieting without them. The last time I used them was over a four-week stretch that ended six weeks ago. I used 6 caps of MD6 daily on a 5 day on, 2 day off protocol during said month. I'm wondering If I can start using them again or if I need to give my body more of a rest. Oh, and unless I can track down some of the old formula MD6, I'll probably try a plain ol' EC stack (plus T2?) this time if I use anything at all. Thanks.


Zev - give the new MD6 a try. i think it works better. plus it has some 5-htp in it that make the carb cravings easier to deal with. kevo


i have actually gone for extended periods of time on thermogenics in the past. we're talking 6 months at a time with no breaks. i know. i know. what were you thinking? well, i didn't suffer any horribly debilitating side effects other than the headaches associated with coming off of them and a tragically squashed libido. but i am married, so...well, you know how that goes. :o) nowadays i only go for a month at a time and use them only prior to cardio bouts which usually put me below the recommended dosage, but still gives me a kick. the thermogenics by themnselves don't seem to do the job of the fatloss by themselves because when i get down into the single digits of bf% i simply have to resort to using bruit force cardio to get the results i am after. but in combination with the cardio the thermogenics are kick ass potent! you will have to see how they effect you when exposed to for long periods of time and adjust from there. hope this helps. kevo