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Limitless Ending.


I'll give a SPOILER ALERT even though I won't say anything specific in the first post.

Think Bradley Cooper's character is bluffing at the end of the movie?


No, the ending did feel pretty abrupt to me though.


I feel like if he's not bluffing way too much is left unsaid. I'd be unhappy with that ending.


I kind of felt the same way. I thought about reading the book, but keep hearing that this is one of the rare cases where the film is actually better.


Care to elaborate?


Yeah, go ahead and spoil away! Tell me the ending.


No. As soon as he found his brother-in-law's stash, my first thought was "OK, now you have to figure out a way to make this a sustainable thing." If you had that ability, why wouldn't you be able to figure out a way to improve the drug and manufacture it?

His character seemed like a pretty smart dude, so I'm sure that crossed his mind as well, even though it was never mentioned.


Either way, the ending sucked. I saw it last night.


Lol wait, people take Bradley Cooper movies seriously?


The movie wasn't a comedy, so yes it was meant to be taken seriously.


I like Bradley Cooper.


I need to get me some of that drug


Talk to BBB on that. I remember him posting around on this site about all sorts of nootropics (real drugs like that). Though nothing out in the market will even come close to the effect that drug in the movie had.


I think the character had to be off the drug, since his GF was still with him. I don't think she'd've stuck around if he was an addict.

I thought it was a good movie, keeps you thinking all the time.

it wasn't 'The Expendables', though...


Look on the bright side...

The Hangover 2 is coming out



I think this movie might break all of Avatars records and then some


I really hope they don't jump the shark on this one.