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Limiting Enzyme in 4-AD

Is there any way to increase the enzyme that converts 4-AD to testosterone? That would be novel addition to an Androsol cycle.

The gene which encodes for the enzyme doesn’t express much,so anything short of gene therapy probably wouldn’t work.

I was asking the same question not too long ago, I did not get too much help but however I can tell you that Zinc is one of the things needed for the enzymes.

Why can’t this enzyme be supplemented?

The conversion enzyme 3bHSD can’t be supplemented because enzymes are complex proteins which are broken down in the digestive tract; and even if you stopped them from breaking down, they’d then be too large to be absorbed.

In principle maybe it could be done by injection but it would be a lot simpler to
just inject testosterone.

Also, at least while 4-AD levels aren’t
excessive, 4-AD is just as effective as T per milligram (and per ng/dL in the blood)
at building muscle so there is no big advantage to conversion. Hardly worth the effort of injecting the enzyme, if that would even work.