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Limiting Carbohydrates


Is it wise to try to limit carbs to say, 200g a day on a 3500+ calorie diet??

My main concerns would be over the elevated protein and fat intake as I doubt, but do not know, if it may have detrimental effects.

I'm asking as a self-identified FFB after reading the FFB Handbook. It didn't seem to clarify the macronutrient ratios, but just said to limit excess carbs.


200g is not excessively low in my opinon. What are your goals? 3500 is probably not cutting, right? I suppose bulking or maintenance on that amount of carbs is ok for someone who is carb-sensitive and stores fat easily.


200 seems kinda low.

Im guessing by 'excess' it means sugary or refined carbs.


I gained quite a bit of fat on 3000 calories, and between 250-300g of carbs when I was bulking.

I gained a lot of strength too, but I think for me, that many calories, and carbs especially were too much, even when bulking.

The great majority of my carbs were clean too, and I even cut out any whole grains or oatmeal, and stuck mainly with veggies and fruit, and I stayed fat (still around 250g carbs, but cleaner).

I now have my carbs much lower, and my strength is staying the same, and in some cases I'm still getting stronger.

I think there are very different needs for different people.

Some kids can't seem to gain weight with anything less than 4000 calories (lucky bastards).


Read CT's "Carb Cycling Codex" article. It was revolutionary in my thinking of carbohydrates. Been doing something similar ever since and, for me, it works very well.


200 grams of carbs on a 3500 calorie diet isnt that big of a concern. I'm cutting on about a 3500 cal diet and aiming for in between 100-150 grams of carbs. Though I have found that 1 day a week I need to have a very high carb day. But also when I count my carbs I am not taking into account what I get from most of my veggies, so really my carbs are from my oatmeal in the morning and a little bit of rice or pasta at lunch.
Hope that sort of answears your question and jsut wasnt pointless rambalings.