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Limited training time!!

O.k people I need help.

I will be working two jobs from the start of April and my workout time will be limited.

The only free time I will have is monday, tuesday and wednesday mornings. I know thats plenty of time but, as the days are back to back, Im undecided as to what kind of split to follow.

My main goal is to train for strength primarily but I am open to all and any ideas/feedback. I was thinking of maybe following a Pull/Push/Legs split or Legs/Back one day, Cest/Delts next and then just alternate.


I think either a Pull/Legs/Push split (doing pulling muscles first in the week because in most people they tend to be weaker than the pushing muscles and doing legs in between those days so you’re not doing 2 upper body workouts in a row) or you could also alternate a Legs/Back and Chest/shoulders/arms workout this might work well because you’ll be hitting the same muscle group twice in one week and once the next week. Recovery between sessions would be incomplete but that would be more then made up for by the 4 off days you’ll have. With either approach this would also allow you to thoroughly trash the muscle groups with multiple sets so that supercompensation occurs many days later

Thankyou, those are good ideas but I do have one question. If I do legs and back on Monday for example and theen Chest,Delts and arms on Tuesdays wont that be overkill for biceps due to the indirect work from the back workout?

Wouldnt working arms the day after a back workout be overtraining the biceps due to the support they give when working your lats?

Hey, spiderman: saw your question regarding this subject in the “tire flip” thread, thought I’d mosey on over and answer here.

What Kelly said is cool. In regards to your concern about giving the biceps too much work, the key here is recovery. As Kelly said, you’ll have 4-days of recovery time. That’ll be plenty.

The back exercises you choose dictate whether it’ll be overtraining. Widegrip pullups have very little bicep involvement, particularly if you focus on isolating the lats. Nor do rows.

Suppinated chins, however, would definitely cause problems.

D. Indech

Fantastic, cheers guys I appreciate it. Considering that rows may be a bit too much I think I will focus on deadlifts and chins.

Again, thanks a lot.