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Limited Training Time. Are These Exercise Selections Okay?

My goal is to get strong and yoked my diet is fine however, I can only train twice a week for 30min so ive come up with a routine that I would be wanting to do, however with training at home I only have access to the basics and I cant overhead press due to elbow issues so are these exercises a good bunch to use?

Normally I only do 4 exercises, bench, squat, deadlift and row but im wanting alittle more variety

Week 1

Day 1
Front squat
Bench press
Neutral grip chinup

Day 2
Deadlift or rack pull
One arm dumbbell floor press

Week 2

Day 1
Dumbbell bench press
Neutral grip chinup

Day 2
Romanian deadlift
One arm dumbbell floor press

I’ve got the sets and reps dialled in for me, it was just the exercise selection based on my circumstances of cutting overhead pressing


30 minutes 2x per week? thats… brief.

Since you have virtually no time in your training schedule, I suggest canning the BB Bench Press and replacing it with Dips + Lateral Raise/kettlebell swings.

Don’t dismiss training at home though, you can still stimulate growth without much equipment - I only say this because ~60mins per week of training is really short.

Why only 30mins, twice a week?

If those are the time constraints, I’d make sure I was hitting everything really, really hard in that time. Absolutely no fluff at all.

Well, my primary reason for going the full body HIT route was only being able to workout twice weekly.

I did my own research, which led me in the way of Dr Darden, who now has his own subforum here. If you can’t have more volume or higher frequency - you need to raise the intensity for better results.

Be curious. Why don’t you ask Dr Darden some questions?

I have so many questions, if you train at home you must have more than 2 x 30 minute sessions. I work 50 hours a week, have two young kids and still manage 4 hours of training a week.

You should easily make more time if you actually expect to see results.


The exercise selection means nothing if it isn’t underpinned by brutal hard work

The perfect exercise is the one that allows you to engage the dark place and sustain your presence


@ChongLordUno +1000 for that one.

this article really helped me when i was in your position. good luck!

As you become more experienced, you’ll need to do more and more work for less and less gain. A beginner can put 10 pounds on his squat every week, but eight years down the road, he’ll be thrilled with 10 pounds a year.

All forms of biological adaptation follow this pattern. The closer you get to your genetic ceiling, the slower the adaptations come. I bring up this point to make you aware of the (admittedly depressing) fact that plateaus are inevitable at some point. It doesn’t mean you’re using the wrong methods, and it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong.

Even the best methods require consistent hard work. Even if you manage to find that “perfect” program, diet, or exercise, it won’t do a thing for you without hard, consistent work. And oddly enough, even “iffy” programs deliver in spades when you go after them hard enough.

Worry less about the program and more about your personal work ethic.