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Limited Training After Surgery, What to Use for Fat Loss?

Rather torn here on how to go about this. I have surgery on July 11th. I will be out of the gym for 6 weeks. Though I’ll still be able to get in and do legs as many times as I want to (elbow surgery). I wanted to really use this time to focus on the diet and drop some body fat as I’m dad bodding it hard.
These are what I have on hand, seeking advice on what I should use / how much or if I should use anything since I will be mostly doing only lower body exercises till I’m fully recovered.
Test, anavar, t3, clen, ECA.

Nothing. Don’t use any of this if your not %100 recovered. That is a ridiculously bad idea.

You can use this time to drop fat with a strict diet and cardio.


Recovering from an injury is not the best time to worry about fat loss. Your body needs the extra nutrients to heal, a deficit is not ideal, eat at least at maintenance. You seem to be at least in the right mindset not wanting to go to shit while you recover. I second Zeek, none of that bullshit (unless you are already on TRT). I was back in the gym 2 days after my bicep surgery, not using that side of course but doing what I could, upper body on the opposite side, legs, bike for cardio (didnt want to risk a trip and fall on treadmill). Best of luck

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Thanks guys, I didn’t even think to consider all of that. Appreciate it