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Limited to 2-3 Meals a day in Australia


Hello mates, I have a question. How detrimental to my strength and size gains will it be when I am on a 6 Month rotation to Darwin Australia, and can only eat 3x a day in the week and 2x on the weekend! Now they do have quite a few nice gyms there with all the barbells and Dumbbells required, however I don’t know how I can function on 2-3 meals a day. Guys tell me that the food is very good (lamb rice veggies ) every day, and there is a small store where I can buy some minimal food. I plan on bringing a couple tubs of whey and casein to supplement. Thoughts?


This is one of the most “lack of perspective”-things I’ve heard someone say about nutrition in a long time. #FirstWorldBodybuilderProblems

At 6’1" and 190ish, there’s no reason why you should worry about “only” eating 2 or 3 meals a day. This article explains why. Eating 2 or 3 big meals every day is how bodybuilders and strongmen larger than you ate for, like, a century. You’ll be fine.

Out of curiosity, what specifically did you eat yesterday?


Yesterday: 7 scrambled eggs for breakfast with ham and cheese, oatmeal and yogurt

10am chicken and rice

1200 pork chop thing and potatoes 2 servings

5pm Dinner Chicken and mashed potatoes with veggies

9pm Whey shake with Milk and pp and j


But I see what your saying. I could definitely just go get seconds or thirds at every meal and I think I would be fine. I am just used to hearing people tell me they eat like 6 times a day And they are huge


Number of meals is probably the least important factor in terms of your nutrition.

If you are getting adequate calories from quality foods, and appropriate amounts of each macro, I wouldnt lose any sleep on the issue.


You will just need to be superbro for a while. You can return to the greatness of megabro in time.


Haha gotta get my macros in any way I can


Look into kangaroo when you’re in Aus. Lean, tasty and cheap.


3 meals/feeds a day is absolutely fine


Not a fan of kangaroo.

However most of the meat you buy at the supermarkets in Australia are grass fed. Our lamb tastes fantastic!



Alright, sounds good! I look forward to training in the field, and in the gym with some yoked Aussies!


Just get your allocated calories in no matter if its 2 meals or 6…


Alright. Im finally coming to get rid of the idea that if I don’t have 4+ I will get weak, so this is going to be my priority. And to the Aussie here, thats really cool that all your beef and lamb is grass fed. Definitely eating my share of lamb there.