Limited Time/Widowmaker Question

The answer may be in the beyond book which I’ve destroyed the house looking for and can’t find. But in the new forever book under "Limited Time/Widowmaker program you use a PR set/widowmaker. Please explain. Say for example my Max squat is 405. Thank you.

Sorry, I know what the widow maker sets are. I’m not really sure about the PR set.

I don’t think I am sure what you are asking. The PR set is just the regular sort of 5/3/1 set, like “5+” or whatever for the week, done at the relevant percentage of your training max for that week. So, for instance, in the 5’s week, you work up to 85% of your training max, do at least 5 reps but try to set a personal record (or shoot for whatever other goal number of reps), then after that PR set you reduce the weight to whatever for your widow maker set.

Does that answer your question, or can you elaborate what you find unclear in the program?

That makes since to me, I guess the thing that kept throwing me was on the following page there is another Leader template that is called "Limited Time 5X5/3/1 where PR sets are part of the program.

Sorry to bump a month old thread but more clarity would be helpful here. As the op replied, the limited time program references just a PR set in multiple variations. Anytime PR set is referenced are we working up using the classic 5/3/1 style of workout (3 warmup sets, 3 working sets with the PR set as the last set) or just warming up and hitting one working set (the PR set)?


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Widowmaker is typically used for Deadlift or Squat - it’s a high rep back off set (15+) at FSL weight.