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Limited Time Template, Work up to Single?


Im doing the limited time template from the forever book.

Getting towards the end of the widow makers and starting to think ahead to the next leader cycle Ill do.

It will probably be the BBS.

Anyway I notice that instead of doing a 5/3/1 PR set prior to the BBS supplemental work it says to work up to a TM single.

HOw should I work up? i.e. how many sets, what sort of percentage and how many reps? Obviously I know it ends in a single TM rep but what precedes that?

Also one other question.

When doing Krock Rows the book says 1 warmup set of 10 then 1 workout set of 20+. Is the warm up set done at the same weight as the work set?

All in all the template is going well for me and is fitting into my schedule well so far.


This is largely individual, and probably does not matter too much how you do it. I like to work with 10% jumps from 50% to 100% with 1-3 reps per set.

I have done warm ups with smaller weight. Again, largely individual thing and propably does not matter too much.

Thanks Rattus

I think that explains everything.