Limited supply

Is the limited supply of md6 due to the ban of ppa? Whats the story?

Here’s what Tim said in his letter to VIPs:

"As many of you already know, the FDA has cracked down hard on
phenylpropanolamine (PPA), which is also known as norephedrine (dl and l
isomers). And l-norephedrine is one of the key ingredients in our fat
burner, MD6.

This is really unfortunate because l-norephedrine is very safe when used as recommended, plus it's a fantastic -- no, it's the best available -- OTC metabolic stimulant/appetite suppressant.

What’s the FDA up to, and why are they banning PPA?

Who knows for sure? But it sure smacks of drug industry favoritism.

see, if these fat-loss products are taken away from the supplement industry
and become regulated as drugs, it will result in an increase in 100’s of
billions of dollars of income to the drug companies.

Who loses?

All of us (consumers). What once cost $30 to $40 will now cost perhaps $100
to $200 as prescription items.

Thanks a lot, FDA, for screwing up the American fat-loss market!

So what's the fate of MD6?

We have to reformulate the product, leaving out the l-norephedrine HCl and
replacing it with another ingredient.

Big time bummer, huh?

I'm not sure what that compound's going to be right now. We're still evaluating our options. I can guarantee, however, that whatever we finally choose, it'll be the best alternative and real close to l-norephedrine or we won't make MD6 anymore.

For now, we have a very limited supply of MD6 that we have to ration. To be
fair to all MD6 fans, we’ve limited the amount that can be purchased to 6
bottles per order. Also, due to the scant availability, the “buy 2, get 1
free” offer no longer applies to MD6.

So if you want the original MD6 formula, the one that contains real
l-norephedrine HCl, you need to make your purchases now. After our current
supplies are gone, that’s it – no more of the original formula. And I
mean, gone!

Again, we have every intention to produce a reformulated version of MD6 that's nearly as effective as the original. So don't completely panic over this situation. Just stock up in case there's some down time before the new product's available.

Thanks for your support of Biotest.

Tim Patterson, CEO"

Just thought I’d add that on the T-Mag home page it says “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” for MD6, but as Tim said in his letter, there is actually no 2 for 1 deal on MD6 anymore.

Yes, it’s because of the ban on PPA by the FDA.
We tried to get more l-norephedrine today to
make another run of MD-6 but our supplier said
“no”. Thus, we are limited to what is sitting
in the warehouse to sell. That’s why there is
no longer a buy 2 get 3 deal and a 6 bottle
limit per address.

When these are gone, there will be NO MORE!!!

I am working on replacing the l-norephedrine in MD-6, most likely, we will use a small amount of ephedrine so you people in TX, NE and OK are shit out of luck.

I would suggest to everyone to get MD-6 while you can and I would not be shocked to see the price go up in the next couple of weeks as supplies dwindle.


If L-norephedrine is banned, that does not mean that it will be illegal. It will just be considered a unopproved OTC drug. This means that it can still be imported from another country as long as it is a 90 day supply or less. So MD6 can still be made to its original specifications, outside the country, and imported. Why is it that the government is so overrun with hypocrisy? I thought there were laws in place protecting the government from being controlled by big business.

Brock said TX, NE, and OK. Is that not OH for Ohio? Or am I incorrect. thanks.

The FDA should choke on there own shit. You hit it right on the head, it isn’t a safety concern,it is all about money. Tell my how many freaking morons have died on ephedrine type products, no no no lets ball all this up into one. Tell me how many people have died from steroids, growth hormone, ephdrine, any and all performance enhancers in the last 15 years. Take that number and compare it to say alcohol related deaths, smoking related deaths, vehicle related deaths I will even be fair and throw in deaths from plane crashes. Match up deaths related from performance enhancers to any one of those other categories and the performance enhancer related deaths won’t even come close. Our government is to godamned lazy and stupid to actually make money so they latch onto the biggest corporations help them out then sit back on there fat lazy dumbasses and rake in the taxes and kick backs. If the only way to buy it is going to be through some godamned greedy drug company that is going to triple the price, then they can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, I’ll boycott the shit as long as they are selling it.

Has Biotest thought about using ma huang, which apparently converts to ppa in the body? It is supposed to be out of FDA authority.
I do believe that the ma huang products on the market are known to be inconsistent, mostly too strong, but I don’t know if this is a result of the plant, or a result of poor manufacturing and harvesting such as with most tribulus products. Or do you prefer to avoid ppa altogether?

Concerning Biotest’s consideration of putting a small amount of ephedrine in a new MD-6. Just want to say this may not be good a idea for me or perhaps others. Ephedrine and Yohimbine makes my heart race to fast.

Since the Fucking Dumb Asses (FDA) are starting to crack down on supps that actually work, maybe we should never post, and biotest/t-mag, should never say another thing about Androsol or any other Prohormons they plan to come out with. I for one would be pissed if they banned androsol. It would leave me with no legal choice. I would have to turn to roids.