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Limited Options - Help Needed


After being on TRT for about 4 months last summer I stopped and ran nolvadex to try and restore my natural levels or at least get back to a base so i could find the original problem. I could tell that my T was still elevated during the nolvadex and for awhile after but all of that came crashing down about a month later. I went through and still am going through a very rough stressful time.

My sex drive is non existent, depression, zero erections. As life would have it my new insurance will not cover any pre-existing conditions for one year. ( that would be next october). So now i feel really really shitty. No to mention im still about 3,000 dollars in debt from my last little doctors stint.

So I still have no idea what the original problem is since my last doctor was very incompetent ( the reason i came off of TRT in the first place). However i know my t-levels are low, i feel like shit and i respond well to SERMS (nolvadex worked just fine).

It doesn't look like i will be able to see another doctor for about 10 months (hoping for Hans and Dr. O).

So basically am i condemned to feel like shit for 10 months? I hope not. I am familiar with the dangers of Clomid. That was the first option i looked at since it is both cheap and cost effective. I was wondering if it would ever be recommended to run low dose clomid for about 5 months just to help myself feel a bit better until i can get proper treatment. Also i am up for any other recommendations or options...any ideas guys? im def in a tough spot here.


I can't go into details but google and about $250 will fix you up.


Nolvadex worked for you. Why consider clomid?

When you stopped nolvadex, did you taper off?

Did you take 0.5 - 1.0 mg anastrozole when on and cruise on 0.5 after?


Yes I tapered off and had some estrogen rebound (nipples flaring up), so i ran 1.0 mg anastrozole, finished off the nolvadex taper and called it good.

I was considering clomid because i had heard it was superior to nolvadex. This may be incorrect.

I just called around for some appts. I think i will be able to get into a University Clinic for some good testing but it will probably be a few months . I ordered some cialis to get me by until than just in case. However looking at my other lab values and the way i felt on TRT i have a feeling that this problem is deeper than just Low T ( the main reason im not back on)


For younger guys where one is not looking at age related decline, it is always good to look at the cause and not mask the effect.


I agree, Hopefully the doctors that i must see (ones that are covered by my insurance) will also agree.