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Limited Gym


Now that I'm out of college, I can no longer afford a gym membership. My apartment complex comes with a pretty decent gym, but it is still very limited. Any ideas of how to put a program together with this equipment?

Chest Press Machine
Pec Deck
Back Row Machine
Lat Pulldown
Shoulder Press Machine
Leg Extension
Lying Leg Curl
Roman Chair
Any body weight exercises are also possible

I'm 6'2 190 lbs. Still a beginner. My goal has always been size. Up from 160 lbs. Not sure how to tackle this situation. Thanks.


Any dumbells?


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Stop training if you feel like you can't cough up the 15-20 bucks per month.
Look I'm serious, not everyone likes weight training, just like not everyone likes sucking dick.
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No dumbells unfortunately.


That's a pretty limited setup. I would probably buy a set of adjustable dumb bells on craigslist and workout in my bedroom before I tried to make the apartment complex fitness center work. That said, if you spend some time investigating shit, you can probably find a cheap gym. I pay 10 bucks a month for my gym membership, and it's boss.

Two squat cages, deadlift platform, smith machine, lots of plate loaded machines, lots of flat and incline benches, large set of dumb bells, sleds, tires etc. It doesn't have any ammenities (showers, tv's, cardio deck, hot girls) but it more than gets the job done. A lot of small, single owner gyms (the kind found in build out units in industrial complexes) will work with you on price too.


Depends what you're goals are (size, strength etc). But from what I can see you have two chest machines, two back, two leg (no leg press unfortunately).

You can create a straight forward Upper/Lower split routine, 4 days a week. Or 3 day split - chest/back, legs and arms/shoulders or similar. Vary the grip on lat pull downs and chest press (you should have two different grips for the chest press 0 and 90 degrees), add push-ups etc.

You don't have dumbbells which I'm kind of suprised about.

You also don't have anything to build serious size in your legs and that will hurt your progress later (IMHO). The leg extension and leg curl is okay - you could try single leg variations but in the long run it won't be enough.


Just a suggestion. Make due with what you have at your disposal:

(1) Apartment gym
(2) Vehicle and wide open parking lot/field.
(3) Backpack full of books.

Unilateral machine work for all body part at your apartment gym complex, especially if you are able to max out the machine weight bilaterally. Split muscle groups as you did in college.

For legs, consider car pushing (take all safety precautions). Find a wide open parking lot or field. Might also consider deadlifting one end of a vehicle if you are able to do so, and safely. Toss in pistol squats (video below), plus backpack for added resistance. Natural glute ham raise (GHR) for hamstring work (video below), plus backpack for added resistance. Hook your feet anywhere that allows you to perform a GHR.

Plus, find any type of overhang or pull up bar, stuff your backpack full of college books for added resistance, and do pull-ups.

Car Pushing

Car Pushing

Pistol Squats

Glute Ham Raise