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Limited Gym Equipment Ideas for Strongman/Powerlifting?

Basically what I have is a barbell, 500lbs in plates, flat bench, squat rack, west side bands, 100lb keg, curl bar, and dumbbells 5-50 pair. Just looking for a good workout program to get me better at strongman and powerlifting all together. Any advice helps!

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Check out Brian Alsruhes youtube channel. He’s got about 10-15 free program templates that are geared towards exactly that.


531 any template - but swap squat for front squat. And use back squat as an assistance exercise. Front squat is more useful than back squat.

Keg to over head is also a fair shout. As is Keg carry. And Keg to shoulder.

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I don’t see anything limited with that array of equipment. On the other hand I don’t know your stats, you may be deadlifting over 700 lb for all I know.

If it were me, i would give 5/3/1 a go like someone already mentioned or something like Starting Strength or Texas method, depending on how advanced you are.

With that equipment, I would definitely have the bulk of my program revolve around heavy compound lifts like the squat, deadlift, bench and standing press with assistance exercises like bb rows, chins, dips, curls, ab rolls etc programmed in accordingly.

I’m currently experimenting with keeping the heavy compounds in the 5-8 rep category while trying to gradually increase weight/intensity, and going all out on the assistance lifts.