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Limited Equipment

I’m out of school for a few months so I don’t have access to my school’s weight room nor do I have a gym membership. My barbell recently broke and it’s going to be awhile before I can get a new one. I would like to know is it possible for me to get an effective workout with just barbell plates. If so, what are some specific exercises I can perform using barbell plates?

First of all, what do you define as ‘specific plate exercises’? Then,get creative mate. I’ve been in a similar situation and you’ve just got to find ways to train around it. For example, you’ve always got bodyweight exercises i.e. pressups and pullups (if you’ve got somewhere to do them- doesn’t always have to be a bar, can be a tree branch or outdoor playground etc). For legs, you can do high rep goblet squats, or, assuming they’re too easy, weighted-one legged squats. How much do the plates weigh? If you’ve got any 45lbers knocking round you can do some (easy/high rep) OH presses, tricep extensions, front raises and curls to an extent.

I know this doesn’t sound ideal but unfortunately without a barbell/dumbells/rack or gym membership you’re always going to be pretty limited. Also, read up on some of Craig Weller’s articles on third world workouts- simple, but brutal and effective stuff going on in there.

Edit: Also, if you have a rucksack lying round or can afford a chinning belt then you can load the pullups/chinups with weight, aswell as pressups with the rucksack. Hope this helps.